“Our revenue grew $26.8M in 4 years on the GSA Schedule Program” – Ted M.


Many companies that deal with our competitors are uninformed and believe that once their contract is awarded, they are finished and have fully completed the process necessary to contract with the government. Unfortunately, companies can suffer a loss in order to find out that there is much more to maintaining their GSA Schedule than they had been told or originally anticipated.  Often times, contract holders come to us only after losing a top dollar project because their GSA Contract was not up-to-date with current regulations, and they weren’t aware of the compliance updates that are necessary.

A GSA Contract is the best vehicle around to drive federal sales, but to get the most out of your GSA Contract, disciplined and diligent maintenance is required. Often times, modifications to keep your contract compliant and up-to-date can be time consuming and altogether overwhelming.

GSA Schedule Services has you covered. We offer one-time or ongoing services to ensure your GSA Schedule is up-to-date and compliant.

We know the GSA modification and renewal process, and work fast to process your updates.

GSA Schedule Services takes the daunting maintenance process off your hands. We even offer scheduled monthly or quarterly check-ups for possible additions or changes to your GSA Contract to keep your Schedule compliant and your business booming.

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GSA Focus is the full-service GSA Contract solution for small businesses. Our comprehensive, full-service approach is paired with an affordable price to offer the very best option to get your GSA Schedule.

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