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Differences Between GSA Online Tools

Differences Between GA's Online Tools

Differences Between GSA Online Tools

There are several very useful GSA Online Tools at your disposal (if you are a GSA Contractor).  They can help you boost your federal sales, or manage the maintenance and compliance factors of your GSA Contract.

But what are the differences between GSA Advantage, eBuy, eOffer, eLibrary and Global Supply?

GSA Tools

GSA Advantage! is the online shopping and ordering system that provides access to thousands of contractors and millions of supplies (products) and services. Anyone may browse on GSA Advantage!® to view and compare the variety of products and services offered.

GSA eBuy is an online RFQ tool that enables buyers and contractors on the federal level to exchange RFQs and offers. Federal agencies can use eBuy to prepare and distribute RFQLs. They are able to check offers from scheduled contractors. The actual awarding of orders is done via eBuy if the total value of the orders is less than $25K.

GSA eLibrary was created to provide a centralized online resource to help acquisition professionals locate and identify commercial companies that offer products and services offered by: GSA and VA acquisition solutions. GSA Elibrary is an excellent source of research for government contractors, a directory of forward contracts, technology contracts, cooperative sales contracts, and disaster purchasing agreements.

GSA eOffer / eMod is a web-based application that allows MAS contractors to prepare multiple procurement plans and submit contract modification applications to Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). The purpose of eMod is to streamline and speed up the change process by creating electronic changes to contract files.

GSA Global Supply is a federal program administered by the General Services Administration. It is a requisition-based supply program for customers worldwide, including the DoD. Customers can use a variety of ordering mechanisms to submit requisitions to GSA for delivery globally.

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