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Appealing to GSA Advantage Buyers

Getting to GSA Advantage Buyers is the purpose many of the GSA Contract holders are on GSA Advantage. But most are not reaching their full potential, and their sales suffer as a result. Think about what you go through when you make an online purchase, this is very similar to the process a government buyer goes through on GSAdvantage! They use the search feature to narrow down to the product they are after, and then compare prices.

When your product is on the short list before GSA Advantage Buyers, you want to make absolutely certain that they have access to more than enough information. Here are the major ways your product is well represented on GSAdvantage!

  • Linking to company website, with product-specific pages
  • Include picture(s) on product, now you can show multiple images on GSAdvantage!
  • Consice description on GSAdvantage! including important specifications
  • Compete for Billions on GSA Advantage
  • The shipping terms on your GSA Contract are appealing
  • Include warranty information on GSAdvantage! product description

This is quite a list, but the more effort you put into representing your products on GSAdvantage!, the more your federal sales will increase.

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