Using the GSA Logo

It is a very good idea to post the GSA Logo on your website, business card, and anywhere else you can. Agency Buyers know that a GSA Contractor is among the best options to purchase their goods and services from. There are, however, some rules you will want to know. The link below will guide […]

Who is my GSA Contracting Officer?

Your GSA Contracting Officer (along with their phone and email) can be found on your GSA eLibrary page. Click here > then search for your company name. How do I locate my other Contract POCs? The link below will help you learn the different types of GSA personnel that help with your contract administration. The […]

Point(s) of Contact for GSA Administration

Perhaps the most convoluted part of the GSA Contract is handling Points of Contact (POC) for your GSA Schedule. This is where communication from the GSA departments and Agency buyers will be emailed to. There are several different types of POC’s for a GSA Contract:    GSA RFQ’s – Emails from the eBuy system can be revised easily (log in […]

What is needed for a Modification?

From time-to-time, you may need to refresh your GSA Contract offerings. There is a standardized process to handle this called a “Modification.” GSA Focus can handle this for you. Please use the checklist below and email the documents you collect to [email protected], and we will prepare and submit your modification for you. PRODUCT MODS An updated price […]