Point(s) of Contact for GSA Administration

Perhaps the most convoluted part of the GSA Contract is handling Points of Contact (POC) for your GSA Schedule. This is where communication from the GSA departments and Agency buyers will be emailed to. There are several different types of POC’s for a GSA Contract:

  • GSA RFQ’s – Emails from the eBuy system can be revised easily (log in > top right “Profile”)
  • Contract Administrator/Point of Contact (POC) – Must be processed as a Modification.
  • Authorized Negotiator (add/delete/revise) – Must be processed as a Modification.
  • Industrial Funding Fee (POC) – Must be processed as a Modification. (Sales Reporting)
  • Order Point of Contact (POC) – Must be processed as a Modification. (PO Portal / GSA Advantage orders)
  • Additionally, the primary email, phone, website information must be processed as a Modification.
  • Any changes that are reflected on your GSA eLibrary page must also go through the SIP upload process.

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