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After Award

After Your GSA Contract is awarded, keeping your Contract compliant and well-maintained is vital to your success. Federal Marketing topics are also found here.

How to Update your SAM Record

Every year you must “refresh” your SAM Record by simply going into the system and clicking “Continue” until you reach the end. Sometimes you will

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GSA Contract Cancellation

The GSA has been on a GSA Contract Cancellation frenzy in cases where the Contractor has failed to meet the Minimum Sales Requirement. Have you recently

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GSA is Moving FBO into SAM

August 14, 2019 – Federal News Network released an article covering this in-depth: GSA promises to fix the government’s worst website August 13, 2019 – GSA

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The GSA MAS Consolidation

GSA is on track for New Solicitation Release Available Offerings and Requirements – Page on GSA website that gives a preview of the changes coming

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How GSA Buyers Order

There are 3 ways Agency Buyers can order from you (with both products or services).    GSA eBuy – This online system is where government buyers

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Using the GSA Logo

It is a very good idea to post the GSA Logo on your website, business card, and anywhere else you can. Agency Buyers know that

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Common Helpdesk Phone & Email

GSA Vendor Support: 877-495-4849 / vendor.support@gsa.gov GSA Helpdesk: 866-472-9114 / eoffer@gsa.gov SAM Heldesk: 866-606-8220, 8am – 8pm (Eastern Time) DUNS iUpdate: 866-705-5711, Mon – Fri

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What is needed for a Modification?

From time-to-time, you may need to refresh your GSA Contract offerings. There is a standardized process to handle this called a “Modification.” GSA Focus can handle this

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