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What Ever Happened to GSA MOBIS Contracts?

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The United States government has a large system that allows companies to provide services and products for sale to the government. The General Services Administration (GSA) is the government agency that is responsible for awarding these contracts. Several years ago, one of these systems was the Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). It provided a way for companies to provide their products and services to the government. However, law changes and department changes have made the MOBIS out of date. Here we will explore what happened to the GSA MOBIS contracts and the other system for awards management that is available when you decide to participate in this government market. 

What is MOBIS?

MOBIS is a legacy GSA Schedule (874) that provided a wide range of Proferssional Services to the United States Agency Buyers. However, MOBIS was focused on consulting, facilitation, surveys, training, acquisition management support, program and project management support, and other related support products. The goal of MOBIS was to help these government agencies meet their mission requirements, especially when it came to integrated business solutions. The official name for MOBIS was GSA Schedule 874. 

The Story of GSA MOBIS

In the early days of GSA MOBIS, these programs had a wide range of services that were offered; however, one very important area was training programs. These training programs were specifically based on the specific task that was needed to be completed. These training programs were usually completed on the computer. While the GSA MOBIS was important when it came to training, there was a wide range of services that could also be found.


To acquire a GSA MOBIS contract, there were a variety of steps that the corporation had to go through for them to be awarded the contract. After the company received the contract, it was then up to them to show that they can offer management and consulting services that could improve the performance of the government agency. The GSA MOBIS was also offered for large and small companies and allowed them to compete on the same field.

The Transition to the Professional Services Schedule

The GSA had eight different professional service schedule, including MOBIS. While each one of these service schedules had its own function, the GSA wanted to work on consolidating them into one service. This happened around 2015 when the GSA consolidated these eight services and created the Professional Services Schedule (PSS). Each of these individual GSA schedules had its own Special Item Numbers (SIN’s). These SIN’s were then migrated into the single GSA schedule. This was a long process and took most of the year in 2015 because there were over 4,000 companies spread across the eight different services.


There were several different reasons for the GSA to make this move. For starters, the GSA was hoping that the PSS would be a total solution for the federal buyers. However, there was also a cost difference associated with making this switch. The GSA was hoping that the administrative cost would be less because they would have to oversee fewer contracts. When there were all eight services, there was the potential for cross over to occur, which can make this more complicated.

The Transition to Multiple Award Schedule

By 2019, the process of combining the eight different services was completed, and there was a transition to multiple award schedules. This is a more streamlined system for awards management. This system is ideal because federal buyers only have to go to one location to shop for a wider variety of needs. However, contractors also saw significant improvements because they were able to have a single contract, and this contract could span multiple GSA schedules. While State and local governments still can purchase through the Disaster Recovery Program, the GSA PSS Schedule has become the major system for awards management and for awarding the awards.


Today there is a System for Award Management (SAM), which is the central registration point for government contracts. This system was launched in 2012 and was used to consolidate the other systems for registering through these systems. Registering with SAM gov is a crucial step when it comes to doing your PSS because you have to register with SAM gov to perform any business with the federal government. There is no fee to register for the SAM; however, you should expect it to take several hours to complete and can take several weeks for you to be approved. However, since this is a vital step to participate in the huge market presented by the United States government, this is worth the time investment. It is important to note that when it comes to your SAM registration, it is only valid for one year. You will have to renew it every year, but unlike other GSA requirements, you can complete the SAM by yourself and do not necessarily have to hire a third-party company you complete them.


When it comes to expanding your business, many business decide to look into working for the government. The government market is worth several billions of dollars and is a great place to expand your business. Over the years, the GSA has made several changes to its current systems. One of the major changes in their work to consolidate was the locations where companies can place bids for government jobs. One of those locations, MOBIS, was used to provide a wide variety of services, including providing computer training for the government. In 2015, GSA decided to combine all of these services in attempts to save money and make it easier for the government to buy products and services and for the corporations that sell these products. Today there is a single PSS that allows you to have one contract and can sell your products or services to a wide range of perspective government buyers. While this transition took almost a whole year, it has made the GSA easier to understand and conduct business with. It is important to have your company registered with SAM because it allows you to take advantage of these different services.

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