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Top 5 Reasons to Get a GSA Contract


I wrote a blogpost a few months ago about reasons not to get a GSA Contract, mostly revolving around dis-qualifiers. I thought this was great advise, and I noticed a good response from the post. So, I thought I would write on the inverse topic. There are many great benefits to having a GSA Contract, here are the top 5 (in my opinion):

  1. Exclusive Access to the GSA E-Buy Website – Federal buyers who use GSA regularly will post Request For Quotes (RFQs) on GSA E-Buy. These RFQs can only be viewed, and responded to, by GSA Contract holders. E-Buy also sends email notifications for RFQs categorized into your GSA Schedule and Special Item Numbers (SIN’s).
  2. Federal Buyers Can Seek You Out – GSA Contract holders have their information posted on a public website for federal buyers to view (gsaelibrary.gov). There are several areas on the giant GSA website to help buyers locate the products and services that they are seeking, and this means that federal sales can come right to you.
  3. Federal Buyers Prefer GSA Contract Holders – Contracting Officers (COs) buy products and services for their Federal Agency, this is their livelihood. They are constantly at risk of being caught in a scandal where tax-payer dollars were wasted. If they buy through the GSA, then this liability is eliminated. They know that the prices were pre-negotiated, and the contractor was pre-screened. This makes GSA Contract holders very appealing for federal buyers like COs.
  4. GSA Contracts Last 20 Years – A GSA Contract is made up of a 5 year initial period, and 3 options to renew. As long as your company keeps up on administration and meets the minimum sales requirement or $25k/year, then your options should be renewed without worry.
  5. States and Counties Can Buy Through GSA – Not in all, but in the IT and Security Schedules there are more buyers with access to the GSA through the Cooperative Purchasing program. This includes State, County, City, Indian Tribes, and more. Also, in Emergencies (or for preparedness) they can buy from any GSA Schedule.

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