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The Best SBA Certifications for SMB’ in 2022 – Interview with Janet Carruthers BizCentralUSA

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Interview with Janet Carruthers BizCentralUSA

Many small businesses are unaware of the benefits they can receive from becoming a GSA vendor, and are unaware of how to become one. This video will show you how SBA certifications can benefit your business, and help generate revenue for your organization!

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let’s get started with just kind of like a professional bio of you janet you’re

janet carruthers ceo at bes central usa and we’ll definitely be going diving

into what you do and your specialties and all that stuff also you put in some time at the sba so that’s yeah

i’d love to hear about that and anything else in your professional journey that is you know noteworthy

um well actually i kind of started out in kind of a weird place i actually

started out in the military and so i am a veteran and

i did retire out of the small business administration sva and i actually started out in

training so developing training and then then kind of moved over into the

financial field because there was always jobs there whenever nobody wanted to

do the bookkeeping in the accounting so i got my cpa license i’m also a certified fraud examiner

um and then i once i retired out of the government

bought into biz central usa it’s been around since 2004 i am

the third owner there is a founder before that and

the there was two sides for biz central usa it was the profit side and the non-profit side so the non-profit side

is doing only non-profits and i have the biz central usa which we help women

minorities veterans disadvantaged businesses in order to

get certified and we also help them with business development websites uh

marketing as well and also a little bit of contracting just it’s but it’s mostly

business consulting for business development okay yeah yeah that’s

that’s a lot and i didn’t know about the military what branch were you in i was in the army okay

great great i’ve got some family in the army okay

all right so yeah let’s let’s dive into you know what you do at bizcentral

so you know i know you do a lot of certifications how many certifications do you handle

there’s numbers yeah right now in the us as we speak there are 430

certifications okay yeah and what how is that how are those 413

how are they distributed among different agencies or states or whatnot is

are most of them run by sba or of those 413 are they just scattered everywhere

they’re scattered everywhere so there’s federal certifications which most

people know about like the sba 8a and then there’s the

the disadvantage business enterprise which is the dbe and that’s a department of transportation certification

and that is just i always compare that to like one step below the sba 8a program

and then complexity or it is greater complex yeah usage

yeah the the dbe is actually the most is more powerful than the 8a program even

though the 8a program is a it’s a great program and it’s set aside for

disadvantaged businesses the disadvantaged business enterprise actually is a great is actually our

number one seller because once you get it in your home state you

can actually use it in every single state you have to transfer it

so but there’s minimal paperwork in comparison to doing the entire thing the

first time but if a company qualifies and they do different businesses and they their

business model like in construction is across the u.s the dbe might be a better certification

for them but it is a federal certification but the federal government does not monitor

it they kind of push it down to the states and that’s why just those

it’s a unified program goes to every single state and then most

most states have a minority business enterprise an mbe

or a woman business enterprise as well there are certain cities like city of

baltimore a lot of cities in california that have programs

that are very only city-centric so city of orlando

san francisco they all have their little certifications just for contracts

that are in the city sometimes there are county wide certifications as well so if you are a

company and you’re doing city contracts counting contracts state contracts and federal contracts

you need all of those in order to compete otherwise

um there are basically all these certifications are set aside for women

minorities veterans in order to compete

with with others it’s basically set aside contracts but then okay that’s the

federal and state and local but then there’s this whole world of corporate contracts

and in actuality corporate contracts and percentages

for women and minorities are actually higher than government contracts

so that’s my corporates are these are those a lot of like prime contractors the big saic

northrop oh it’s like for for example amazon is one of the top

companies for corporate contracting like you do gsa schedule for example

let’s let’s just pick something let’s pick a minority owned

african-american firm that it owns we’ll say bicycles

um he’s doing really well or she’s doing really well as a bicycle

maker and they sell bicycles so they are we’ll even say e-bikes will make it

easy and the federal government wants to purchase some e-bikes in order to save money

let’s say for their law enforcement or whatever and so they get on the gsa schedule

and you take care of that but they also want to sell to the public as

well well amazon has a program for minorities and if the minority

business enterprise if they have that certification there’s a whole community of amazon

sellers well where amazon will help you you know develop your business

show the different kinds of things that are going to be necessary in order to be an entrepreneur selling those bicycles

so amazon has a goal i believe theirs is about 26

of women and minorities but they mostly focus on minorities but there are other organizations like

airbnb they have a supplier diversity database and if you are certified they’re going

to pick you and set aside contracts of a certain percentage for you compared to

you know somebody that’s not certified mm-hmm wow there’s no clue yeah i believe

that we do business with a number of large corporations and we have one that their

um goal each year their strategic goal is and it’s a warehouse sales place and

their strategic coal is at 36 percent for contracts to be set aside for women

minorities and veterans wow yeah that’s pretty high number

it is great well yeah i had no clue that your services went outside of you know

what sled and fed yep so yep yeah yeah so

tell me kind of i guess the process somebody calls you up and says you know hey you know my my friend you know fred

just told me about you and you helped him out do you kind of run down a checklist with

a company and have kind of just an on board or a streamline to to just

i guess you know authenticate or run eligibility on programs

and then kind of figure out which ones are going to be the low-hanging fruit to help a company

yes and that’s kind of that they they they hurt usually if they heard it from

a friend you know or or they were filling out an application or a contract and the

contract says are you a certified minority or woman owned business and the first thing everybody does is

they said yeah i’m a minority and and my business is we are women minority

veteran owned and so they check it off and then the agency whether it’s a corporate or

government agency they they say okay can we see your certification and they’re like what and that’s when

sometimes we get those calls too i don’t even know what this is i never even heard of this and then we also get you know you know

marketing which on social media you can get millions which is true

if you were certified however there are some steps in between

oh yeah and so what we do is we talk to we have a free consultation for 30

minutes to kind of evaluate what their business model is how long they’ve been in business

um you can be a startup but you need to make sure when i say

startup it should probably be within the first six months when you’ve had your accountant and everything and we kind of

evaluate okay what your goals that’s the first thing we ask where do you want to go with this

business you know you know and we try to assess

their business acumen if it’s if anything to say you know

um do you have an accountant have you even opened a business because sometimes

people haven’t opened up a business yet but they want to break into the contracting world so we do have a

program for those individuals who are startups and have never owned a business so we do have a kind of an introduction

to business kind of program for somebody who simply just wants to get into government contracting

and then if you go and usually they say well i can do this myself which is true

um anybody can go ahead and get themselves certified but there’s a lot of paperwork involved

and we basically direct them to a website under our certifications we show

them which documents that are available and there are services that are

available across the us that our tax dollars do pay for so most of our clients are usually going to be those

who are startups or those people who just don’t have the time to do all of this and we

we walk them through everything so by the time they get their certification

are ready to go to sign up on a contract they have everything that they possibly need we give them the templates

we make sure that they are right we kind of consult them on do you know

this do you have this do you have a cpa in place and all of the

basic business things the documentation is tremendous so

it it we help them go through the entire process by answering questions prepare them for the

really tough interviews that are going to come up so so we help them right from the beginning

through the application process and all the way through to the the interview process when

they they get the certification awesome awesome that’s great well you had mentioned i think it was

dbe earlier as being kind of like your most popular certification what

you know what else other what are your top five that that help small businesses

um if you’re in the construction world or are going to have different

offices all over the united states the dbe is definitely one of them the as you know the gsa being on the gsa

schedule if you have a product or are in i.t and even i’m finding out

transportation is also another good one to be in to be on the gsa schedule as well

so i would say that the gsa schedule what you do is so important

um as well because i mean it’s set right in there

yeah yeah it really is so a lot of people call us for the sba 8a

program but then they find out that it takes about a year to get it

and the tremendous amount of paperwork that’s involved and the the strict guidelines

so they typically shy away from that so i would say dbe is probably our number

one followed by the wbe the women business enterprise

um followed by i mean it’s kind of we try to encourage people if you’re gonna go for

the wbe for the corporate which is our second highest one then we also

recommend that they might as well go for the federal contracts that are available because

um the w the wosb through the small business administration is very valuable

and then that probably the third or fourth is the minority business enterprise

which is a fantastic certification because

you’re paying for one certification and you are also allowed to be listed

the federal government the sam.gov does recognize the minority-owned small

business certification or mbe in the sam.gov

as and you just upload your certificate so you are recognized because there’s

no separate minority-owned business certification with the sba

okay and then okay go ahead no go ahead you had another one yeah and so and then

finally we because i’m a veteran if you buy a certification with us we do

um for complimentary help you through any any veteran gets a free

certification for and we help you through that process of doing the service disabled

veteran-owned small business or the veteran-owned small business oh that’s great

okay i may be sending some some of my veteran customers your way then

well yeah so it sounds like a lot of those are under i was trying in my head

to kind of keep things in buckets so a lot of those were sba certifications

did you say that the dbe was actually a department of was it transportation no yes

was it transportation okay yeah that’s that’s really interesting but and department

transportation is really funny how they ever they just seem to have their claw on something that

it’s really strange how they ended up with it and who knows why but that i’ve seen that in other areas too

where department transportation it’s like oh they see they oversee that but

it is it is surprising and they also have the airport concession dbe so anytime you’ve

flown in an airport the hardest certification outside of sba

888 is to get the acdbe which is airport concession disadvantaged business enterprise

that certification allows you to be like a vendor inside of the airport so if

you’ve gone through an airport everybody has and you’ve seen a kiosk or you’ve

seen some fast food place they either if you have see a franchise

there that franchise owner probably is either a woman or minority or veteran-owned business that has an acdba

okay okay interesting which is kind of strange hbecause the dot also also

manages the airports train stations rest stops

yeah yeah it’s i’m not surprised that airports are overseen by d.o.t but

the commerce can their controlling of the commerce and that whole initiative i did not know about and

pretty interesting yep so yeah i’ll bet you there’s some interesting stories behind the scenes on

how franchise owners are found and dropped into there and it’s there’s

probably a whole ecosystem with you know mcdonald’s and starbucks among the those

franchisees so good reality show i’d say

all right so we talked about the certifications themselves do you do any kind of

tracking on which ones are the most beneficial

you know so let’s say a company comes to you and you run the pre-screen and you kind of flag you know okay well they’re

they’re minority-owned so this kind of clump or this bucket of certifications are on the table how

do you kind of talk them through which ones will actually you know be

you know the most i guess the highest return on investment or that the most uh

perspective for them and it really you know it really and

that’s where our business consulting part really comes in

um because you know it also it’s we’re working together as a team where do you want to

go with this business and you know there may be a business where hey i i don’t

want any more business i just want to stay in my little local area you know and then i

really want to work with you know the local you know this

tri-state area i don’t want to go away and then i have everything from that to

um some really you know ambitious

clients who say i want to have an office in every single state i want

to do every single contract i will grow and we so we meet the client for where they’re

at and where they want to take it so but if we also do see

um a lot of potential because we try to connect our clients together should they need subcontracts

for whatever then we do bring that up to them like for example if you’re an electrician

and you have a dbe you pretty much can go ahead and write your own ticket if it’s a minority or

woman-owned company there is such a critical shortage

if you are an hvac oh my goodness i that every with the infrastructure build that

just got passed in november there is a tremendous amount of

opportunities across the u.s and so

we look at the client but we also do make recommendations if we look at their

financials and believe that and you know tax returns and stuff as they’re doing their certification that they have a

possibility of doing more than what they are but some people don’t want to grow and

you also with every growth you have to have that infrastructure ready to go

and some people don’t want to do that some people just say i just want to survive for the next couple years and then just

shut it down or there’s people that are younger and say you know this is my legacy i’m going

to pass it on to my family let’s go so yeah where they’re at

i see i see cool well kind of along that same vein what are the most beneficial

certifications kind of going into i guess we’re halfway through the year almost but going into 2022 23 in the

future if somebody came to you and they basically are eligible for any and every

certification out there which ones would you say are you know the the biggest bang for their buck

going to take them the furthest if they could if they just had to pick one or a couple

um and well it’s also going to depend on the industry as well okay

in construction probably the most valuable one would be a woman-owned small business

anything to do with construction would be a woman-owned business i.t same thing

if a if a woman came to me and said that you know i’m kind of you know i’m i’m in it

that’s what i would recommend is a woman-owned small business

certification or wbe or wosb in it or construction

is more valuable than a minority-owned i.t company or a minority-owned

construction company they’re both valuable but a woman own one

for itin construction would be a little bit higher so would really depend on their

industry the dbe for the next five years is going to be the most valuable because

the money from the infrastructure bill is supposed to last for the next five years we’re already six months into it

depending on the date but there’s still four and a half years left so i would say overall reaching would

be the dbe and then and it also it’s like any kind of business you want

to look at what the demand is in whatever that business is if you’re having to just

start out and then make your adjustment to meet that demand

um and then go for that certification there but for right now a woman-owned

business that’s either in construction or i.t has the highest capability of

contracts and electrician to anything to do with construction is going to be

okay that’s great to know yeah anybody listening i’m sure your ears are perking up

um and kind of on the opposite side are there any certifications that people

come in and they ask for or ask about and you’re just you just say you know i would advise against this

certification whether it’s not worth the trouble or the agency doesn’t they kind of mismanage the process

um the buying side isn’t there you know so they go whatever trouble they go through to get into that certification

there’s just not a lot of dollars flowing through it or any other reason but do you have any certifications that you’re kind of just

a little bit sour on right now maybe in the future they are going to improve but for now

i i would say the most challenging one for my clients and for people that i’ve

talked to and helped first of all is the a day program the sba 88 program is the most rigorous one

to get through it is a deep dive into your entire life

of background every financial decision you can only have one company that

you’re really focusing your interest on and it’s it’s very highly competitive

um and it is it is one of the most difficult things to to get

um and i hear from my clients and from potential clients that they are

most frustrated with the 8-day program because it takes a very long time to to

get and the the requirements they have to update it

every single year and basically go through the proc same process every single year

wow and so it’s only good for about eight years and i have had a lot of different

people call me that were not they were potential clients that said that they’ve been in the program for three or

four years and they have yet to get a single contract so

i think the frustration that i hear from the public whenever i do speaking engagements is the sba 88

program yeah yeah i kind of had a feeling you might say that but it’s one of the

bigger programs too so i wasn’t sure if the kind of the cost benefit or the roi was

there for it so okay oh i just had a question that is not

it’s an unscripted one oh yeah i know this isn’t directly in the middle of your lane but i’m sure you have

some some insight as far as just government or you know sled or fed business

development you know you work with a lot of companies the ones that are uh

super super successful have you noticed a pattern of the attributes of those companies so in other words if there’s a

company that wants to be an up-and-comer and break into a really highly successful pattern in

fed sled what do they need to do what are the behaviors or the habits or actions that

they need to take i would say [Music] the ones that really break into it’s

easier to break into sled because the

if they’re already living in that local area they can get connected they can actually go to the bid proposal meetings they

could you know meet the the key individuals that are in the govern local government agency that are there so

they’re face-to-face value federal contracts most people know do take a

while to try to get because it’s kind of like a degree and you and i had this

conversation before it’s great to get a degree but you know the your employers and your

prospects are not just going to come you can’t just you know go out on one of these databases and

just put out 100 resumes and someone’s going to come to you you actually have to go out and meet somebody and i’m

pretty much of an introvert myself so i get that i totally get that you

know you don’t want to go out there and knock on doors but the people that move

quickly through the contracting process they are the ones that are

actually attending the organizational meetings they are going to the chamber and saying

hey this is what i do perfect example i have a great client she went from

being a nurse she now owns a transportation company

and she did the switch within 60 90 days and what she did was she

started looking at all the public contracts that were available and she started knocking on doors she

just cold called them and just started and she keeps on moving up and

meeting people in the industry and she is growing like leaps and

bounds and and that’s what you really have to do is the the people that are succeeding in

the contracting world because contracting is

whether it’s corporate or federal is there’s a lot of legal language

in our right sometimes you look at them and and you and i have looked at stuff and going what the heck does this mean

you’re right but you know being able to find somebody that will help you learn that stuff and you learn it

yourself as a business owner that will help you also increase so grit

you know getting out there meeting people and then you know having that marketing capability of shaking some

hands learning out who the key players are and then also teaching yourself about just absorbing government

contracting learning as much as possible what you can about government contracting and

corporate contracting yeah yeah do you have any advice on that front or is it just learn by doing dive

into it and do it and fail until you learn everything you need to know to not fail well you know there are some people that

that’s there we don’t our in my business model at biz central usa we we do help

you know help them understand what it’s going to take and what the difference is between a bid

is what is a proposal what is an rfp or rfq but it’s real the basic level

um but i’m putting in a plug for john wayne [Laughter] you know like his company teaches you

that whole process so that you can learn so you don’t have to rely on anybody

else it’s you know as a business owner you’re always just trying to absorb so

much there’s there’s just not enough time to do that but you still have to know the basics of

it and you know there are companies that are out there that go ahead and we’ll teach you that and

that’s important you know and doing of course making mistakes is going to be important

yeah yeah yeah yeah one of the things that you had said in there that i really that i don’t

think it really clicked in my head until now and i’d love to have statistics on it

how kind of like the the conception of

government contracting and competitiveness and it’s kind of like

there’s kind of two different channels and i think every company probably it’s almost like a

teeter-totter they’re either well pretty well connected you know and that they they know a lot of decision makers and a

well-established company but then on the other side is just their proposal writing and their systems the

system side on the back end that does a lot of the the magics the magical stuff that wins awards

but but yeah i think and i think there’s a i wouldn’t call it misconception

um necessarily but there that a lot you know that whole thing of well why should i even bid on these

government projects or these contracts they are you know they already know who they’re going to use if i

just throw my bid in there that’s just gonna be so that they can get that three bid minimum and i’m helping them out and

getting nothing in return and that’s you know on on one side yeah that’s very

true in some cases i’ve seen bids where they this you read the specs and you’re like this is obviously for this company

like no one no other company in the world or the universe can even meet those specs except for this one company

obvious but then on the other side i’ve heard in talking to some some friends over

at fedbidspeed.com that contracting officers kos are having

and have been having for the past you know five plus years a really hard time getting that three-bit minimum and i

think it’s kind of like a swing over where that

that everybody everybody basically having that attitude of why should i bid has

led to kos having a really hard time to pull bids out of people and even and a lot of the times the

cases are they don’t get any bids and there’s they don’t have somebody lined up they’re looking for some help

and there you go nobody’s helping because of that you know that attitude that’s kind of uh

i you know i’d say you know rushed over the contracting world because of that

you know kind of you know precast decision style you know

approach that that government has you know kind of gone to so yeah just interesting interesting stuff

and and that’s you know that that’s a that’s a really good point i think that like a one person

firm let’s let’s just say i t you know it’s hard for them to

make sure that money’s coming in oh here’s a here’s a bid that’s coming in i want to go ahead and bid on this

i’ve gone to the proposal meetings one thing that small businesses and i always tell our clients this as well if

you’re like a one person or very small operation jumping into the federal government you know with this massive

multi-million dollar contract sounds exciting but are you ready for it and if not

you know one of the things that a small business could do in the sba really supports this is

um get a joint venture with somebody you know once you have your certification these these large

companies they can’t bid on some of the smaller contracts

and you know i actually have a couple of clients that do have their 8a program

and they are doing going to be doing a joint venture with a larger experienced

firm and now this larger experience firm can benefit with working together with

this smaller company that’s a mentor protege program where they are mentoring this company

small i.t company that has you know the basic resources but has never been in government contracting but this big old

giant company over here has so that you know

if if somebody is in a smaller company think about you know possibly doing like a joint

venture a protege mentor program with the sba and that might be a way to to kind of

learn and kind of get paid at the same time and also have some place to fall back on

you know do you help with mentor protege we do you know

everything from reaching you know kind of outreach to find connections to establishing kind of

the connection and everything that’s great okay yeah i actually was doing that yesterday

um me trying to make meet up with two different companies when one company

was it’s a larger company international company as a matter of fact and and but they have a huge

presence in the united states one of their businesses is in the united states

and i was trying to link them up with a woman-owned company and she has actually a an ada program

so they’re doing the same things but she’s kind of you know just like we talked about when you’re a small business

you’re you’re trying to do everything yeah always make money you can’t make more time

we all have 24 hours right yeah and i mean just out of curiosity with mentor protege companies

um you know when those are established in in your experience you know i don’t expect you to speak to the entire

you know establishment but are they more just true competitors where one is big and

one is small and certified or are they more kind of like complementary in their services

where maybe they do a couple things different and they put them together and they’re they really are powerful to go

after certain contract types it’s kind of both it depends generally

they are a smaller firm that is certified and a large firm that is too large they

are no longer a small business in the eyes of the sba

and then you come together and it’s basically they’re they’re still two

separate companies but they have to create a joint venture company where you know where and it has to be

you know legalese and decided upon them make sure that they mesh and the the

profits are going to be shared a certain way and so forth so that is going to be

um something that they’re going to have to do so they do kind of basically meet in the middle

but the larger company as in their kindness and their you

know mentoring of the smaller business they are able to compete in contracts

for that whatever that smaller business has so if the smaller business has an 8a

or they’re a service disabled veteran the that company can use that

certification under that that certification when they normally would have never gotten that contract

and mentor protege is is it 100 service based

product companies don’t really benefit from that do they well i mean

um so for product companies they it can be but you know the gsa schedule is still i

mean it’s it’s it’s it’s allowed but the gsa schedule is actually going

to be the best thing for yeah yeah okay i was just asking because i know there’s some prohibitive things when it comes to

products as far as you know the distributor channel and where it comes from and

and i know that some companies i think gill marketing just got busted for

some practices with buying small businesses and writing out their status until

the five year option renewal and and it’s something that i know a lot of large companies do

and it’s always been gray area but i think it’s just moved into the black

so yeah just interesting stuff now going to come to a screeching halt on

that topic and move over into a topic that you wanted to address which is kind of the infrastructure bill

and you wanted to go over agency scrutiny which kind of perked my ears agency scrutiny would it

what’s big brother trying to look into i would say uh

basically every certification takes about 90 days to get once you hit the

submit button they’ve looked over all of the details making sure every all the

everything you said in your application really makes sense and

you know you’ve gone through everything so you’ve put all of your paperwork through the system or have sent it in

and now you’re going through the scrutiny process it does take about 90 days to get that certification

um because of the infrastructure bill that was passed you know trillion

was it 1.2 1.3 trillion dollars and basically

um that infrastructure bill is for roads schools

and that’s why construction is such a big deal for this i see yeah

you know airport terminals and the good states that were very well organized california

i’m gonna have to say was the first one they had it all ready to go so that as

soon as it was signed they had contracts

the other contracts that were were ready to go yeah yeah and i’m from california they

need a lot of work and so because of that

what happened was everybody started applying for it so

for example in california when i was helping some clients get through the

paperwork it took 30 days in florida probably two weeks to get through the

disadvantaged business enterprise now it’s taking nine months to six months

wow 90 days to six months depending on the the paperwork and in some states

um it is they for example i have in one state

that’s in the dc metro area and they

are denying a woman-owned business even though she has the federal certifications that she’s really not a

woman-owned business so i right now as a matter of fact as of

today i have four appeals that so i’m working on more appeals right now because of the close

scrutiny that is happening okay all of the states on the paperwork

and i don’t think i mentioned this before but if you don’t get your uh

mbe or wbe generally have to wait six months if you don’t get your dbe and

they deny you for whatever reason your paperwork is messed up you didn’t

you know your numbers don’t match up whatever their reasoning is you have to wait a

year to reapply so it is it i am seeing the pass rate

it’s it’s going down significantly because there’s so much

money on the trade table yeah yeah so and just to just a question real quick

on what you had just said that you said if you don’t have your mbe or your w uh

wbe yeah then so those are federal and you’re saying if you don’t have those then at the state level when you apply

for those i guess are they called kind of like a child like a child

nope they’re separate okay yeah so if you don’t currently have an mbe then it’s going to take

a lot longer than it used to yes and is that just the flood of companies

submitting all at once and combined with a higher level of scrutiny

which probably was just passed down from the bill they had to roll in you know

certain things they always do okay i understand yeah and similar

things kind of happen with gsa when they’re more busy they reject more the level of scrutiny seems to go up when

they are when the department is impacted yes and and also

you know they don’t have enough staffing yeah to look this over and so it’s

easier to say it’s not good enough bye i mean i had i spent a week

trying to argue with the state that their the city where this company was at

was actually in their city in their their county their surrounding

county to get the certification and i had to draw a map and do a video

to show them the city that is in their county that covers the certification so

that took a week to do that first i i did the drawings and then i had to do the video and it

finally was approved okay i guess you’re in our county so

so it’s because they don’t have the staffing when this infrastructure bill hit

tons of money get them out let’s build it let’s build it the prime contractors large contractors

have have they will get the contracts if they have a dbe or a minority woman-owned business

under as a sub so they win the contract

and then you know they have to they have to search out a dbe or or mbe

and you know it’s just it’s part of it is staffing that in fact i think it is california

where they did subcontract it to a private firm because they they couldn’t handle the volume

i’m sure yeah all right well yeah thanks so much janet for

meeting with me and talking through all this stuff i learned a ton and you know i always get so many ideas

you know in just having a conversation it’s great and i’m glad that we recorded it and it’s going to be you know there

for everybody else to see too i i think this will bring a lot of value to people i’m going to send it blast it out

everywhere okay so just to wrap up janet carruthers ceo of biz central usa i have your

well i’ll let you kind of go into your website email phone number how do people get in touch with you

um on our website we have a form that you can go ahead and fill out and

which things you might be interested if you’re not sure just put it saying i’m not sure which i qualify for

and once you fill out that form we actually have a form where you will answer different questions and it will

tell you exactly which certifications you probably probably will go ahead and qualify for

but you have an okay you have a free 30-minute consultation and you have our link so you can go ahead and

look at your specific state and see which one you might be interested in or if it’s a corporate one all of our

information is on our website or you can have a a free consultation so we can talk about you know the specific

situation yeah yeah so and that’s bizcentralusa.com yep that’s all put

together so i will have the link everywhere you find this video you should see that link

thanks so much janet okay thank you.˙

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