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We all know the importance of keeping up-to-date on our industry. Well I have been doing that for you. Below are what I consider the key Articles for GSA Contract holders. I recently put these in my Newsletter (sign up on the top-right of this page).

Appropriations improve 2014 contracting outlook

National Association of Government Contractors – February 19, 2014

With congress having signed off on a budget resolution and legislation that offsets a significant portion of the sequester cuts. Some are finding that new appropriations outlook for contracting in 2014 from what had previously been

GSA’s Strategic Plan: Plan versus Implementation

The Coalition for Government Procurement (Blog) – February 14, 2014

On January 10th the “FAR and Beyond” blog published a comment identifying fourteen key procurement items for 2014 that will be addressed throughout the year in future blog postings.   This week it is time to address “GSA’s Strategic

Show me the Money: How the federal budget will impact business development

The Coalition for Government Procurement (Blog) – February 21, 2014

As a business developer, you follow the money. You trek toward the customers that spend money and the customers that spend the most. Discretionary spending …

GSA plans future of fewer contracts, better flexibility and prices

Federal Times – February 18, 2014

The General Services Administration is gradually moving toward a contracting system providing fewer contracts but paradoxically more options and flexibility for agencies, according to GSA officials. Mary Davie, the assistant commissioner of the Office …

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