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Do You Qualify For a GSA Contract?

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Before everyone gets up-in-arms, let me give a disclaimer. There is no official pre-screening process to qualify for a GSA Contract. This is based on my 9 years of experience in evaluating a Contractor’s chances of being awarded a GSA Contract. There are many factors that come into play during the GSA Contract review process, and some major issues can arise that may have been better to address before all stakeholders became heavily invested.

This is a service GSA Focus provides to potential clients, in order to give them an honest assessment of their chances of award. We also use this as the basis of our Guarantee (no award in the end will result in a refund of the down payment).

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5 Reasons to Get Pre-Screened for a GSA Contract:

1) IT’S FREE – By completing the GSA Pre-Screen web form, you will get a free evaluation of your company. An experienced GSA Contract specialist will review all of your answers and tell you if there are any potential roadblocks before you decide to get started. We have turned companies away before, because we could not stand by our guarantee knowing that there were issues that would likely lead to a “No Award.”

2) SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND TROUBLE – by knowing the potential barriers up-front, you can make an informed decision to move forward or not. This eliminates the possibility of everyone getting heavily involved in a project (and making promises), only to discover that you did not qualify for a GSA Contract from the beginning.

3) 100% CONFIDENTIAL – The information you input, as well as the entire pre-screening process, is confidential. It will never be shared or released in any way.

4) LEARN YOUR GSA PROSPECTS – For those who ask, GSA Focus will conduct some basic market research to give you an idea of the potential size of the GSA space in your industry. This is an added bonus to learning if you qualify for a GSA Contract.

5) EXPLANATION OF THE GSA CONTRACT PROCESS – Part of the conversation is a run-through of the process of getting a GSA Contract. This lets you “behind the curtain” and will leave you much more knowledgeable than before you started.

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