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Maintenance Plan

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There is now only one option for GSA Focus Maintenance — Annual Plans / Paid Monthly. They are full-service, and Price depends on the number of mods you will need per year.

We will be switching the way be handle and bill GSA Modifications. As of February 2021 we are going to be only offering a GSA Maintenance-as-a-Service (MaaS) model. So, all Current accounts will be switching over to a monthly plan only. 


Here are the steps to set-up your new MaaS Account:

  1. Select the best plan for your Company (Consultations available to help)
  2. Sign Agreement (digitally), and set-up monthly payment processing

GSA Focus offers Annual Plans (Billed Monthly). All plans are Full Service, in that they are built to cover everything we can handle on your behalf. The Monthly price is built based on the number of Modifications we anticipate you will need. The Plans can change at every “roll-over” so you have flexibility year-by-year.

This also means that GSA Focus will be more vigilant about making sure you keep your GSA offerings fresh and up-to-date. We will reach out on a quarterly basis. 


All GSA Maintenance Handling

  • Mass Mod handling
  • Option Renewals 
  • CAV Visit consulting 
  • Reporting consulting
  • General Consulting

Modification Preparations:

  • Document Generation
  • Upload & Submission
  • Clarification Handling
  • Modification Close-Out
  • SIP / Catalog File

If you decide not to move forward with our new Maintenance-as-a-service model, then no hard feelings. GSA Guidance can be found HERE >>

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