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List of GSA Offer Documents

Below you will see the DNA of a generic GSA Contract submission. Some of these documents are not required depending on if your company is products-based or services-based, however this list will illustrate the complexity of an offer.

You might ask if I am crazy for sharing this with potential clients that could use this to bring the process in-house. I would answer that the each document on this list has many specific difficulties and unforeseeable pit-falls, along with an overall process which is cloaked in complexity. Navigating these documents can feel like getting stuck in a M.C. Escher painting.

Therefore, I believe that this list will fully convince everyone that GSA Focus’ services are extremely valuable to any organization looking to grow their federal contracting resume. This comprehensive list of documents is from the GSA Contract: Full Service Plan page of the GSA Focus site.

  • e-Offer Setup
  • Cover Letter
  • Commercial Price List
  • Labor Category Descriptions
  • GSA Pricing Spreadsheet
  • CSP Document
  • Summary of Offer
  • Small Business Subcontracting Plan
  • Wage Determinations
  • SCA Matrix
  • Agent Authorization Letter
  • Open Ratings Report
  • Pathway to Success
  • Financial Documents
  • CCR Record
  • ORCA Record
  • Section I – Admin./Contract Data
  • Section II – Technical Proposal
  • Section III – Price Proposal
  • GSA E-Offer submission for Client
  • Clarifications -Revise and generate any documents required in clarifications or rejection
  • Negotiations -Prepare for and represent alongside client during pricing negotiations
  • Final Proposal Document -Draft document to complete award process
  • Text File Generation
  • GSA Advantage! upload – Using SIP software
  • GSA E-Buy registration – Establish account & usage training
  • Press Release & GSA-specific website copy – after GSA Contract is awarded

If you have any questions, we are here for you: (760) 550-9320.

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