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Interview with John Wayne, a master Proposal Writer


John Wayne II - Master Proposal Writer

Company background

Profit sharing approach

What do people tend to prefer?

            Prop writing

            Sell to government – JW contracts

            Grow biz quick

Associates in — Marine Biology and Child Psychology

Sales roles, mostly relating to government, since 2000

Professional Bio

John Wayne II
Tampa Bay, Florida

CEO, Business Development Director & Head Contracts Proposal Writer at GrowMyBusinessQuick.Com

John Wayne Contracts
Grow My Business Quick
Professional Proposal Writers
LinkedIn Profile

(727) 678-3521

Topics Covered in the Interview

BizDev / Fed Marketing

  • What do your training courses focus cover?
  • What are the top 3 BizDev mistakes that SMBs make?

Proposal Writing

  • Is there a difference between Proposal Writing and awards management?
  • What is a good win percentage?
  • What makes for a winning process to write proposals?
  • How can a Small Business streamline the Proposal Writing process (get more out with less effort)?

Should you Debrief when you lose? – YES! it’s the law and KO’s job. Do it, but be nice.

Tips to increase your Proposal writing Win-Rate:

  • Stop the bleeding – know where you are losing business
  • Communicate well with everyone (KO, End User, etc.)
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Stick to the script
  • Go next level (adapt to your KO’s systems)
  • Don’t be the cheapest

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