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How To Modify Your GSA Schedule Contract? 5 Tips

how to modify gsa contract

How to Modify your GSA Schedule Contract – The General Services Administration (GSA) oversees the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). Recently, GSA is enacting several changes to improve the MAS program. Last August 1, 2020, GSA has started Phase 3 of the MAS Consolidation wherein the GSA Contract holders with multiple GSA Schedules must consolidate their contracts into a single GSA Schedule. While this transition is still in its early development stages, GSA has provided some essential steps. Although this transition is still not a hundred percent clear, what is certain is that Contract Modifications are required.

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GSA Contract holders must submit additional modifications to transfer awarded products, services, and solutions from one contract to another to keep up with the impending changes. The GSA will be re-assessing and confirming “fair and reasonable” pricing to determine whether there are obsolete products and services still listed.

What Can You Modify in Your GSA Schedule Contract?

GSA Schedule Contracts are supposed to be living documents that grow as your business grows. Come modification requirements, GSA Contract holders should modify administrative points of contact, product and service description and pricing, and more, as needed. Reasons to submit modifications include:

  • Add or remove products, services, or Special Item Numbers (SINs)
  • Pricing adjustments based on commercial or market pricing
  • Update product or service descriptions
  • Novate or change the name of a contract
  • Update the terms and conditions of the contract

As a GSA Contract holder, each type of modification’s requirements needs to understand what you can expect when submitting a GSA Schedule Contract modification. Learn more 

Steps to Modify GSA Schedule Contracts

The first thing to do is to access eOffer/eMod to Submit a Modification.

To access the eMod system, you must be an authorized negotiator on the GSA Contract, and you must have valid digital documents to verify this claim.

To become an authorized negotiator on a GSA Contract, choose one of these two ways:

  1. Log in to eMod, enter the contractor’s necessary details such as DUNs number, select the applicable contract, enter your contact details, and submit your request to the company’s Contract Administrator.
  2. Have an existing authorized negotiator submit an administrative modification to add you to the contract.

Make Sure You Have a Digital Certificate

It is important to note that without an active digital certificate, accessing eMod would not be possible. Government agencies will use this digital certificate to verify you against the existing list of authorized negotiators in the eMod system. The name submitted in eMod must exactly match the name on your certificate. Even forgetting the period after your middle initial will block you from accessing the system.

If you do not have a digital certificate, you may visit the eOffer/eMod website for instructions. Acquiring one usually takes 7 to 14 days.

Select Your Modification Types

The next thing to do after accessing the eMod system is to select the appropriate contract and your modification type/s. Currently, there are approximately 35 modification types. However, there are certain combinations of modification types the eMod does not allow. For instance, when submitting an additional modification, eMod will not let you submit an Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) modification. Hence, a need for prioritizing each submission by importance is essential.

Next, you will need to verify your GSA Contract data, enter a description of your request, and upload necessary documentation for your GSA Contract modification. Once everything is uploaded, you will follow the prompts until successfully submitting your modification request.

Required Documentation How to Modify Your GSA Schedule Contract

GSA published a MAS Modification Guide that lays out the specific required documentation for each modification type. For most modification types, you may need to fill out one of the two types of the Modification Price Proposal Template (PPT), depending on if you offer products or services/training.

The MAS Modification Guide issues general instructions and a checklist for each modification type; however, there are still requirements based on the large categories, subcategories, and Special Item Numbers (SIN) within the specific Large Category attachments of the MAS Solicitation. For this reason, GSA Schedule Contract holders should consistently monitor the MAS Solicitation. In particular, you should watch the Large Category Attachments and the Available Offering and Requirements for updated templates and requisites.

However, there are times when the GSA Contracting Officers (CO) or GSA Contracting Specialists (CS) may request more documentation outside the published requirements. If any required documentation gets withheld, missing, or incomplete, the reviewing CO/CS can reject your modification request. Following the guidelines set by the GSA and utilizing the correct and updated templates can significantly reduce rejections, limit clarification requests, and expedite modification processing.

Things You Need to Know After Your Modification are Awarded

After the modification gets awarded, the contractor needs to update their GSA Advantage / eLibrary pricing and catalog file using the Schedules Input Program (SIP) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The price list and catalog file revisions must be in unity with the latest modification number and date of effect, along with all awarded modifications to the terms and conditions of their GSA Contract. Revised price lists and catalog files are required to be uploaded within 30 after the amendment gets granted.

How Transactional Data Reporting Affects Your GSA Schedule Modifications

GSA Contract modifications are primarily affected by Transactional Data Reporting (TDR). For instance, if you have a SIN subject to TDR, and you accepted TDR, Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) disclosures become unnecessary, meaning, CSP-1 form will no longer be a mode of requirement submission. The disclosures of the Most Favored Customer (MFC) get waived.

Also, GSA Schedule Contract holders participating in TDR at the time of submission of modification requests will not be required to submit supporting pricing documents. But, if reviewing CO/CS cannot determine if the prices are “fair and reasonable,” they may oblige GSA Schedule Contract holders to submit invoices, quote sheets, or cost-build details.

Know the Difference Between Mass Modifications and eMods

GSA Contract holders need to know the difference between Mass Modifications and eMods.

eMods are GSA Contract modification requests submitted by the GSA Contract holder to update the contract’s awarded terms and conditions. Depending on several factors, the CO/CS may approve or reject eMods to GSA Schedule Contract holders.

On the other hand, a Mass Modification (Mass Mod) is a GSA-issued Solicitation Refresh wherein all GSA Schedule holders are obliged to take action.

GSA will enact a Mass Modification to all GSA Schedule Contract holders when a Schedule refresh occurs. When this happens, the respective Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) will notify the GSA Contract holder typically via email.

Since the Mass Mod system has only been in use since August 2020, GSA has implemented a multi-factor authentication process accessible by authorized negotiators.


In the recent changes within the GSA, now may be an excellent time to reassess your contract. Keeping up with the current modification drives is a great way to enhance your business practices and a great way to ensure compliance with your GSA Contract.

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