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GSA Schedule Contracts for Dummies

Let me start by explaining a little bit about GSA Contracts. There are 31 different GSA Schedules, and they each have their own number. Under each GSA Schedule is a list of sub-categories to describe the different possible products and services under each GSA Schedule, these subcategories are called Special Item Numbers (SINs). For Example, A software company may fall under Schedule 70, and SIN 132 51 (IT Services).

When a company applies for a GSA Schedule, they can also apply for as many of the SINs describe their products or services. If a company has their GSA Contract in place, then they can add products or services to an existing SIN, or even add another SIN to their GSA Schedule. This is called the Modification Process. It is very important to keep a GSA Contract up-to-date or profits will start to drop.

A very important question is if your company qualifies for a GSA Contract. In order to qualify for a GSA Schedule, a company must have a history in the industry that corresponds to a GSA Schedule. The Contractor must have at least 4 customers to rate their performance (it’s part of the process). And if they are a manufacturer, distributor or reseller, then the products they wish offer on their GSA Contract must be an American End Product and meet the Fair Trade Act guidelines.

I am sure many of the people reading this will have a slough of questions, so don’t hesitate to SCHEDULE A CALL with us and get them answered.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a mfg. rep for home office furniture lines. One of my accounts was questing the length of your contract buying cycle regarding cost increase. Our industry is so volatile with regards to labor, freight and increased over sea container price increases, it getting increasingly difficult for vendors not to raise costs more often than ever before just to keep their heads above water.

    1. Hello Steve, The GSA allows price increases (capped at 10% per year for products currently). Hope this helps! – Josh

    1. Sorry Gavin – we focus 100% on getting companies into the GSA Program. You may want to check out

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