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11 Amazing Things The GSA OASIS Contract do for your Agency?


The One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (GSA OASIS) and OASIS Small Business (SB) contracts, under the GSA Schedule or GSA Contract, are part of a multi-award, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract. This type of contract provides flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services across the federal government.

The only government-wide contract for complicated professional services is known as a GSA OASIS contract. Program management services, management consulting, logistical services, engineering services, scientific services, and financial services are among the core areas covered by a GSA OASIS contract.

Notably, GSA offers two OASIS solutions: OASIS, which is open to all interested firms, and OASIS Small Business (SB), a special set-aside for all small enterprises, irrespective of socioeconomic group.

The United States Air Force has increasingly chosen OASIS and OASIS SB until recently became its preferred option for acquiring systems engineering services, research and development services, and various other complex professional services.


How to Use GSA OASIS

Opting for an GSA OASIS contract can give agencies access to a wealth of products and services. With an OASIS contract, they can avail themselves of its services and resources in various ways.

First, there are two ways to access OASIS:

● Direct Acquisition – The Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) of the client agency who undertakes the procurement receives a Delegation of Procurement Authority from GSA.

● Assisted Acquisition -GSA purchases on behalf of the client’s agency and offers post-award assistance, as agreed upon by the customer. For this method, it is necessary to have an Inter-Agency Agreement.

By utilizing efficient acquisition processes, the GSA OASIS Tier 3, Best-in-Class (BIC) solutions make acquiring complicated professional services easier. The following materials intended to assist purchasers in using the OASIS contract suite:

● Agencies can learn how to issue an order using the OASIS One Page Order Checklist.

● The OASIS Master Contract and OASIS SB Master Contract are designed to assist your agency in more efficiently and cost-effectively acquiring professional services for integrated solutions.

● Agencies can also use the GSA website’s Email links to Contractor Pools. Before doing so, agencies must email all COCM and COPM updates, modification requests, and spreadsheet mistakes to oasismods@gsa.gov, rather than OASIS@gsa.gov or OASISsb@gsa.gov. Furthermore, for non-authorized government officials, sending emails through Pool Links is strictly banned. Instead, non-authorized personnel may contact the Prime Contract holders individually but not through the Pool Links.

● Optionally, GSA offers an OASIS scope review, examining your proposed requirement’s scope and Pool assignment. To submit a request, agencies need to:

○ Fill out the OASIS Scope Review Request Form (OSRRF). Use the Project Name to save and rename the file.

○ Choose the NAICS code that best represents the main purpose of their need using the OASIS NAICS Code Definitions document.

○ In the OSRRF’s Primary NAICS field, enter the NAICS code and its related pool.

○ Finish their Statement of Work (SOW).

○ Finalize their Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) using the OASIS Price Estimating Tool or their Agency’s government estimate with labor categories and hours template.

○ Email the completed OSRRF, SOW, and IGCE to OasisScopeReviews@gsa.gov. For the email subject line, use the same project name as in the completed OSRRF.

Notably, the GSA cannot conclude the scope review until it receives the completed OSRRF, SOW, and IGCE.

Furthermore, The OASIS program has developed several crosswalks to help purchasers through the buying process, including:

● OASIS Pools

● NAICS Crosswalk to OASIS Pool Numbers

● OASIS Labor Category Crosswalk Table

● Product Service Code (PSC) Crosswalk

● OASIS Contracts

● Memorandums of Understanding

Additionally, the GSA also created these tools to assist agencies in making better program and business decisions:

● OASIS Dashboard

● Discovery Market Research Tool

● Contract-Awarded Labor Category (CALC)

● OASIS Price Estimating Tool

● Department/Agency DPA Listing

● OASIS Contractor Capability Statements


Core Disciplines and Scopes of the GSA Schedule OASIS Contracts

Essentially, the core disciplines and scopes of the GSA Schedule or GSA Contracts under an OASIS contract include the following:

● Program management services;

● Management consulting services;

● Logistics services;

● Engineering services;

● Scientific services; and

● Financial services.


What can it do for the Agency?

A GSA Schedule or GSA Contract, as established, includes two OASIS solutions: First, OASIS, developed on a full and open basis across all interested and eligible businesses; second, OASIS Small Business (SB), which is a special set-aside, exclusively available for all small enterprises, irrespective of socio-economic group.

When agencies finally decide to adopt an OASIS contract, they commit to a one-of-a-kind, versatile, full-service contract that lowers expenses for the American taxpayer. More specifically, agencies can benefit from a slew of advantages, in that an OASIS contract:

● Allows agencies to focus on their core missions rather than the purchasing and acquisition process;

● Reduces the number of inter-agency and agency-wide IDIQ contracts that are both tedious unnecessary;

● Significantly reduces the amount of lead time it takes to get complicated professional services and the administrative work it takes to get them;

● Maximizes the opportunities and possibilities for Small Businesses;

● Reduces the risk of a protest if the budget is less than $10 million;

● For complex requirements, provides a single, holistic solution;

● Supports and fosters multiple technological disciplines and mission spaces;

● Supports both commercial and non-commercial acquisition and purchases;

● Accommodates all contract types, including hybrids and cost-reimbursement, at the task order level;

● Permits ancillary support components, often known as Other Direct Costs (ODC), to be included in task orders;

● Have no program ceiling, a five-year base, and one five-year option, thereby providing benefits to long-term planning for complex program requirements.



The OASIS contract, created by the GSA Schedule or GSA Contract, is the sole government-wide contract for complicated professional services. Program management services, management consulting, logistical services, engineering services, scientific services, and financial services are the primary disciplines that profit the most from OASIS contracts.

Ultimately, when agencies choose an OASIS contract, they commit to and enjoy a distinctive, adaptable, full-service contract that significantly slashes expenses for the American taxpayer. Plus, the OASIS option opens more avenues for contracting opportunities, especially for small businesses.

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