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GSA News – Much is changing

The GSA world is changing so fast. Here are just a few of the major changes taking place:
  • Green Products – In November of 2010, a Green-Only clause was applied to a pair of SIN’s in GSA Schedule 73. In talking to Contracting Officers, there are indications that these are going to be a theme throughout 2011 across several Schedules. Based on Obama’s Zero Carbon Footprint initiatives, the GSA is currently researching the most relevant environmental standards in the private sector to potentially apply to SIN’s.
  • A Major GSA Advantage! Redesign – Like it or not, GSA Advantage is very different. Although there has been a back-log in product uploads, the new design offers some great features for federal buyers. Now, products are “clumped” by part numbers, so a federal consumer can view all like products offered in a single page. It has never been more important that your prices are among the lowest, and you shipping, warranty and discount terms are as favorable as possible.
  • Sweeping Compliance Enforcement – We have received countless calls over the past two months from GSA Contract holders in trouble. The GSA is looking into compliance practices such as timely IFF payments, $25K annual minimum sales, and adherance to GSA discounts, terms, etc.

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