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  • Update your eBuy Points of Contact
    With the most recent round of the GSA MAS Consolidation, you likely experienced some major changes to your SINs (Special Item Numbers) on your GSA Contract. Make sure you go into the eBuy system and look through the Points of Contact for each SIN. Some may not have carried over correctly, and you don’t want to miss any opportunities as a result.
  • Federal buying season to be largely virtual this year
    Can something be virtual and real at the same time? The answer is yes if you’re talking about the end-of-fiscal-year federal buying season. It’s almost here, and the government people,  and contractors for that matter, are just starting to trickle back into their offices. How will that all work? 


  • New SIN is coming for Admin. Services
    Office Administrative Services for the Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB). GSA is making several changes to Special Item Numbers (SINs) in the Office Management and Human Capital large categories on the new consolidated Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) for products, services, and solutions. GSA’s Northeast and Carribean Supply and Acquisition Center and the Office of Customer and Stakeholder Engagement (CASE) are adding a new NAICS-based Special Item Number (SIN 561110) for Office Administrative Services and combining the two current SINs for Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB) into a single modernized one (SIN 541612LOB). These changes will go into effect on July 1, 2020.


  • Last stage of GSA’s MAS Consolidation
    Around 85% of vendors have accepted the Mass Mod to consolidate schedules into the MAS program. All new GSA offers are now through this program as well. But there have been rumors that the last stage is experiencing some friction with worries among Acquisition Centers how their departments will be receiving their part of IFF Fees now that all schedules are one. This will be a difficult change to navigate for GSA executives overseeing the MAS Consolidation. However, I have heard from a GSA Contracting Officer that the final stage is expected around August.

Beta.sam – A rough transition from FedBizOpps to beta.SAM
User complaints that said they had lost familiar functionalities, as well as difficulties with its two-factor authentication requirements. The GSA has learned from the FBO migration, however. The agency’s shift of the Federal Procurement Data System began a with a “soft launch” for in March that allows contractors to use beta.SAM to get FPDS Contract Data Reports, but keeps search and data on the old FPDS until the full transition is made.

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