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GSA Contract Pricing After Award


GSA Contract Pricing

After your GSA Contract is awarded,  it could get a little confusing how you should offer your GSA Contract pricing to federal customers. However, things can get very confusing when you apply the new GSA price clause (Price Reductions Clause) to how you are to operate with  commercial customers, and federal customers not through your GSA Contract  This tool is meant to explain the Price Reductions Clause in simple terms.

GSA Schedule Pricing

Once you understand the generalities of how the FAR addresses your GSA Schedule pricing limitations, you will be fine. Compliance is important, and if you are operating without a solid understanding of your commercial pricing limitations, then you are taking on great risk.

Basically, there is a small set of rules based on GSA Schedule pricing for four customer types:

  1. Federal (buying through GSA) – You must use Negotiated GSA Prices – or lower
  2. Federal not buying through GSA) – Use any price you choose – no limitations
  3. MFC / BOA – Use Disclosed MFC/BOA Prices – or higher
  4. All Others – Use commercial pricing as disclosed to GSA – You decide / no limitations

This is always subject to change, and I urge you to download the How to Quote After You Get a GSA Contract (2012) document I have created. Please read through FAR clause – 552.238-75 Price Reductions – and make sense of it for yourself. I am not responsible for your compliance, you are. So learn the ins-and-outs of this very important clause and you will dramatically decrease the liability of being found as non-compliant in your GSA on-site visit. If they catch you using the wrong pricing, then you may have to pull out the check book, so GSA Schedule Pricing is a very real concern.

Pricing to Get a GSA Schedule Contract

On an entirely different topic, but still under the banner of GSA Schedule Pricing, you may be wondering how much it will cost you to get a GSA Contract. We offer many affordable GSA Schedule Pricing plan, and you can view them – along with the pricing – on our GSA Contract Services Page.

GSA Contract Pricing Resources

How to Quote After You Get a GSA Contract (2012)
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Disclaimer - This document is meant to explain a FAR clause and may be void due to changes to the FAR at any time. GSA Focus is not liable for decisions that you or your company make based on this tool. This is meant only for explanatory purposes. If you have any questions, call GSA Focus at (866) 916-6484.

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