Weekly GSA News 210903

Weekly GSA News 210903 Weekly video outlining Relevant GSA news that I know small businesses need to know. Sorry it’s not that fancy, but you’ll wanna make sure you subscribe so you Are always in the know on everything related to GSA contracts. 210903 – This week Covers the upcoming GSA refresh 008 (again). I […]

Weekly GSA News 210827

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LapWfoeY4D0210827 – This week Covers the upcoming GSA refresh 008. Also a little bit on vendor product portal, or VPP, and how it relates to the letter of supply. GSA has been on pace with their normal six months review time on average, so that’s been consistent for sometime now. I’ve been in a good […]

GovCon Compliance for Service Contractors (Interview)

GovCon Compliance

Interview with Randy @ AXIM 9 Vital questions about Government Contracting Compliance! Did you know the following GovCon Compliance statistics? – Fed gave $2.3 Billion in fines to GovCons last year! – 80% of GovCons incurred a fine! – It will definitely be getting worse, DoL is hiring 250 new auditors = more scrutiny & […]