GSA List of Schedules


The GSA list has 31 GSA Schedules (or main product / service categories), and 9 Schedules under the VA/FSS program. Each VA or GSA Schedule has many subcategories called Special Item Numbers (SINs). Within the GSA List of Schedules, they are industry-based GSA Schedules include a variety of product offerings such as Medical Equipment, Security, Information Technology, Construction and Vehicles.


GSA IT Schedule 70 is the most used GSA Schedule. New programs like FASt Lane, and Startup Springboard have breathed new life into this heavily sought-after GSA Schedule. There are many offerings under GSA Schedule 70: IT Professional Services, Software, Hardware, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and many others.


This GSA Schedule combines 7 Professional Services categories into the GSA 00CORP Schedule: Integrated Business Services, Financial Services, Advertising & Marketing, Language, Engineering, Environmental, and Logistics.


Any Medical-related products or services are sold through the VA's Federal Supply Schedule. The Categories include: Medical Equipment & Supplies, Healthcare Staffing, Laboratory Testing And Analysis, Pharmaceuticals & Drugs, Dental Equipment, Patient Mobility Devices, X-Ray Equipment, Invitro Diagnostics, Reagents, Test Kits And Test Sets


If your category is not mentioned above, it doesn;t mean it is too small. Millions, and even Billions of federal dollars go to the other 22 GSA Schedules. These categories include: Security & Emergency, Scientific, Foodservice, Office, Construction, Facilities Maintenance, Automotive, Sports Equipment, Hardware, Building Materials, Audio/Video, Furniture, Travel & Transportation, Staffing, Shipping, and more.

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What is a GSA Schedule?

So, What is a GSA Schedule? GSA Schedule Contracts are long-term contracts with the General Services Administration's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program, which allow all federal agencies to purchase from you in a streamlined manner."GSA Schedules" are technically the industry-based categories for GSA Contracts. GSA Schedule Contracts help federal buyers purchase goods and services. By making the complicated federal acquisition process much simpler and reduces risk for government buyers. A Company with a GSA Contract is viewed as "pre-approved," which makes them more reliable in a federal buyer's eyes. Getting a GSA Contract is simply channel for federal sales to flow through, or a ""License to Hunt."" Billions are spent annually through GSA And VA FSS Contracts, and all federal agencies can buy from the GSA Schedule Program, as well as State & Local Governments.

To Contractors like you, a GSA Contract is an advantage in the federal market in several ways:

  • You gain access to exclusive opportunities in the GSA Marketplaces
  • It validates your company in the eyes of Federal Buyers
  • The purchasing process is simplified, and pricing is pre-negotiated

A GSA Contract goes by many names, which can be confusing. If you hear any of the terms below, they likely refer to a GSA Schedule Contract:

  • GSA Schedules Program
  • The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program
  • GSA Approved or Certified
  • Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) or Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
  • Listed on GSA Advantage


Getting a GSA Contract is a great channel for Government Contractors to bid on and win contracts. There is some overlap among the list of GSA Schedules. So, that a company can either have a clear category that fits them, or there can be multiple GSA Schedules. Therefore, it is important to (1) read the descriptions within the GSA List very well, (2) research your competition to locate which Schedule they were awarded, and (3) utilize the experience of a professional who knows the numerous scope issues that are "between the lines" within the Solicitation document. There is nothing worse than wasting time and money because the GSA List was not studied fully.

Among the 40 to GSA Schedules to choose from on the list, you may want to pursue the GSA Schedule the highest volume of sales are found. However, this may shoot you in the foot. Since IT Schedule 70 is such a large schedule (in number of vendors, and dollars spent), many Contractors don't have a second thought about selecting any other Schedule fro the GSA List. But, a specialized Schedule may better fit your services, which would allow you to (1) present a more complete offering to the GSA, and (2) be found easier by federal buyers who know the GSA List very well.

In the eyes of a government buyer, a GSA Contract legitimizes a Contractor as a trusted source. You are not required to get a GSA Contract to conduct business with the government, however it is the preferred contracting source for many buyers. Every GSA Schedule holder may participate on exclusive GSA systems, such as GSA E-Buy, GSA Advantage!, GSA Reverse Auctions, and are easily found by federal buyers. So, participating with the GSA Schedule program and gaining access to these systems is a sizable advantage in the federal market.


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GSA Advantage – After your company acquires a GSA Contract, your products will be listed on GSA Advantage for the government to place orders.

GSA E-buy – After your company acquires a GSA Contract, you will gain access to Ebuy, a place where potential government contracts are first posted.

GSA Reverse Auctions - An initiative by the GSA starting in 2013, where a purchase requirement (usually for commodities or simple services), is posted, and Contractors can bid the price down until the auction ends.

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