Having a GSA Contract opens the door to federal opportunities.

Unfortunately, most Small Businesses don't have the time or resources for the undertaking. The process can be frustrating, and rejection is very common (up to 90%). GSA Focus understands, and is here to help. We are behind hundreds of GSA Contract awards for Small Businesses over the past 12 years, and back our services with a guarantee. With GSA Focus, you can open the door to GSA opportunities today!

IT Schedule 70

GSA IT Schedule 70 is the most used GSA Schedule. New programs like FASt Lane, and Startup Springboard have breathed new life into this heavily sought-after GSA Schedule.

Professional Services (00CORP)

This GSA Schedule combines 8 Professional Services categories into the GSA 00CORP Schedule. Now is the time to secure your GSA Schedule 00CORP, also known as the Professional Services Schedule (PSS).

All GSA Schedules

The GSA Schedule program covers most industries. Also, the VA FSS program covers many Medical Product & Service offerings.


GSA Focus specializes in GSA Contract Services ONLY. Whether you are looking to get a GSA Contract, or modify your existing one, we can help. Our experience and processes combine to offer simplicity and accuracy in preparing GSA documents. We guarantee you get a GSA Contract in the end, or you pay nothing! We work diligently to get you access to the GSA Marketplaces, so you can pursue GSA opportunities ASAP.


GSA Focus was created to serve Small Businesses in getting their GSA Contract. We noticed a lack of affordable and comprehensive GSA Schedule solutions, and decided that it could be done better. Our mission is to serve this community that was practically closed-off to the GSA Schedule Program. Also, The GSA Focus team takes full responsibility for our GSA Contract services. So, if you do not get a GSA Contract in the end, then you pay nothing!

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GSA Contract

GSA Marketplaces

THE GSA MARKETPLACES AND HOW THEY ARE USED TO WIN GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS. As a Small Business, you likely know that a GSA Contract will open the door to pursue some big federal opportunities. However, you Read more…