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GSA Modification Types:

Our Annual Retainer will cover the services listed to the left.

However, you must process Modifications to update your GSA Price List whenever necessary. Below are the different Mod Tiers, which will apply to each Price List change.

GSA Focus is happy to take your documents and let you know which Tier you will need.

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>> Tier 1: $1,000

  • Price List change with Deletions only
  • Price List change with Price Reductions only

>> Tier 2: $1,500

  • Option Renewal
  • Price List change with Additions only

>> Tier 3: $2,000

  • Price List change with Delete + Add
  • Price List change with EPA (Increases) only
  • Novation Modification
  • Advanced assistance with a CAV Visit

>> Tier 4: $3,000

  • Price List change with multiple (3+) actions — Increase / Add / Delete

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Full Services GSA Maintenance ... so you can focus on winning.

General Maint.

Communication & Compliance
As the years go on, you will need to add/remove people, change your address, etc 👨‍💻. We assure your GSA Contract reflects current information. Not to mention the GSA's robo-email handling 🤖.

Price List Changes

Updating your GSA Pricing
GSA Focus keeps your current commercial pricing as the basis for your GSA pricing (less the discount, of course 😉). We handle the GSA Modification process for you to serve this purpose.


Experienced Guidance
Navigating your GSA Contract to both win awards and keep compliance is our mission. We want to see you grow, but also stay out of trouble. With access to GSA experts, you're always protected.

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