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Why get GSA Certified?

Why get GSA Certified?

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You are likely asking how this will benefit your company. In the eyes of a government purchaser, a being GSA Certified (or having a GSA Schedule) legitimizes a Business as a trusted source. You are not required to get a GSA Contract to do business with the government, but it is a direct pipeline to gain access to many federal buyers. Every GSA Contract holder can utilize online GSA systems, such as GSA Advantage!, GSA E-Buy, GSA Reverse Auctions, and can be found by buyers searching out a particular product or service. So, access to these systems is a very large advantage.

Also, GSA Certified Contractors reduce redundancy in the Purchase Order process, which cuts-down the paperwork effort required for a buyer. Many businesses experience major growth through a GSA Contract, but it still requires work. You must still pursue opportunities and try to connect with buyers, and keep your pricing competitive.

Here are some of the competitive advantages to be gained by having GSA Certification:

  1. Your Business will be more appealing to Federal Purchasers, because there is less work and risk, to source to you.
  2. Your pricing will be pre-negotiated, so buyers do not have to justify the pricing of your solution when placing an order.
  3. Your Company will be listed in GSA Advantage and E-Library, where many buyers go to research and locate Contractors to do business with.
  4. Your Company will gain access to GSA E-Buy, the exclusive bidding area for GSA Schedule Holders.
  5. As a GSA Certified Contractor, buyers know your company has been researched and approved as an elite supplier.

GSA Contract Considerations

There is much to consider when getting GSA Certified: Eligibility, Growth Management, GSA Pricing and Discounting, Commercial Sales Practices. Please contact GSA Focus directly at (866) 916-6484 to discuss the eligibility requirements as they relate to your business. GSA Contract pricing is very important to consider because the GSA requires that your offered discounts be equal to or better than like-customers called your Basis of Award (BOA). Therefore, your commercial practices are affected by your GSA Contract pricing, and you do not want to violate any clause of your GSA Contract.

How do I get GSA Certified?

Now that you know what it means to be GSA Contract is, you are likely wondering about the process to get GSA Certified. Initially, a document package, called an “”offer”” is prepared and submitted to the GSA for them to review. After the GSA has reviewed the offer, they will respond with several clarifications which must be addressed. After the offer documents are deemed acceptable by the GSA, Negotiations are scheduled and completed, which determine final GSA Contract Pricing. The final terms and conditions agree upon in Negotiations are wrapped-up in the Final Proposal Revisions document, then the GSA Contract is awarded and your company is GSA Certified. Finally, registrations in the GSA systems are completed, and the GSA Contract can be used to conduct federal business.

Important Links:

GSA Homepage – The General Services Administration is responsible for a major part of US Government spending. There are a variety of Schedules for a GSA Contract, and information on GSA schedules can be found here.

GSA Advantage – After your company is GSA Certified, your products will be listed on GSA Advantage for buyers to research and place orders.

GSA E-buy – After your company is GSA Certified, you will gain access to E-buy, where RFQs are posted for only GSA Contractors to see.

GSA E-Library – The Yellow Pages of the GSA world, E-Library has a landing page for every GSA Certified business.

USA Spending – Have you ever wanted to do market research on government spending? This website keeps an account of how much is spent in a variety of categories.

GSA Wikipedia – For information and a historical account of the General Services Administration.

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