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GSA Travel Solutions Contract

GSA Travel - MAS Contract

$1.1 Billion

GSA Sales in 2018, GSA Schedule 599



$13.2 million

Average Sales per Contractor

About the GSA Travel Category of MAS

What is GSA PSS (Professional Services Schedule)?

The Travel category (previously Schedule 599) of the Multiple Award Schedule program provides a streamlined approach to acquisition within the scope of several service-based GSA Schedules. The goal of the GSA Travel category is to offer a total solution across several service competencies. Contractors under this schedule have a single contract that offers scopes of service that span multiple GSA Schedules. The Travel Category includes components from the following Legacy GSA Schedules: GSA TravelGSA Schedule 599 - Travel Services Solutions GSA's Travel category is under the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program. It is the major procurement vehicle for Travel Solutions among Federal Agencies. This type of contract is called an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), which means that there are no PO's attached to the award, but it is rather a channel for sales to flow through (i.e. a License to hunt).

Why get a GSA PSS Schedule Contract?

Contractors that perform and sell Travel Solutions, may want to consider pursuing the GSA Schedule (formerly 03FAC or 56) to grow or develop their Federal Business prospects.

Primarily, the GSA Travel category is used to sell to federal buyers. However, State, Municipal and Local government agencies can purchase through the Disaster Recovery program. That being said, the federal government mainly uses The GSA Travel Schedule as a major source for simplified Travel Solutions purchases. Federal buyers enjoy the value that GSA Schedule purchases bring in saving time and money.

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Large Category Subcategory New SIN SIN Title
Employee Relocation
Employee Relocation Solution
Employee Relocation
Employee Relocation Solution
Long Term Lodging
Lodging Negotiations and Management Services
Travel Agent and Misc Services
Travel Agent Services
Travel Agent and Misc Services
Travel Consulting Services

More About The GSA Travel Solutions Schedule

The Travel Category provides services that include Consulting, Relocation and Lodging to assist government agencies in meeting their travel needs.

How to Get on GSA Travel Solutions Contract

Getting a GSA Travel Solutions Contract is a very technical process. Each stage requires experience and careful thought in order to result in the best terms, conditions and discount structure being awarded to your Company.

GSA Contract Process

Stages to Get a GSA Contract

Here are the 4 stages:

  • Document Preparation – Preparing the GSA Offer, which is the group of around 30 documents arranged in the very specific way the GSA requires. Then the document package is uploaded and submitted to the GSA E-Offer system.
  • GSA Review and Clarifications – A GSA Contracting Specialist (or Officer) within the GSA PSS department will be assigned to review your package. After their review, they will reach out with clarification questions or expanded document requirements.
  • Negotiations and Award – The discounts, terms and conditions are negotiated and then shortly after, the GSA Contract is awarded
  • Post Award – final preparations and upload into the GSA systems is the last step, and this will assure you are found by buyers, and your access to GSA eBuy is unlocked, so you can receive opportunities in your GSA PSS Categories. This is the stage where you sink or swim. Preparing a Federal Marketing Plan, pushing your Business Development efforts, and fine-tuning your Proposal Writing skills are all vital t the success of your company in the Federal Market.

GSA Travel Solutions Contract FAQ's

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