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About Onboard Process

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  • Agreement is in Portal.
  • All document uploads will be handled in Portal.
  • An Invoice will follow very shortly after. 


Document Gathering

PP Questionnaire, Agent Auth. Letter, FAS ID set-up, Company Info Sheet, Financials (2 yrs), Liability Certificate. (COI), Commercial Sales Practices, Letterhead, Org. Chart, Price List, Project Experience (Invoices, etc.).



We work to fully build out your GSA Document package. This is usually from 20 to 30 documents, prepared in a very specific way that the GSA requires. Then, GSA Focus will upload the Offer into the GSA eOffer web portal.



The GSA will conduct an initial "Pass/Fail" evaluation of the documents. Rejections are common, to make minor adjustments to the reviewer's personal preference.
Around month 2-3 in the review, Clarifications should begin, where the GSA asks questions they have about the specifics of the documentatino.



The Award process begins with Negotiations, where GSA Focus will take on a large role in assuring your Discounts, T&C's, etc. all land in a place that will serve you well over the life of the contract.
Then, a document is prepared and signed to "seal the deal" and Award follows shortly after.


Registration & Maintenance

After Award, there are some important tasks that we take care of for you to get your details into the GSA Systems.
Then, it is time to shift over into a Maintenance Plan with GSA Focus, and start using your GSA Contract for Business Development.

Schedule Onboard Meeting

In this meeting, we will walk you through the documentation requirements and answer all of your questions.
We recommend you upload all General Documents that you can, and save questions for this meeting ❔. The Portal is rich with instructions 😉 .


I recommend setting a time to talk through any challenging areas for around 5-7 days from now. Do you have any availability to talk in the following windows?

TUE 12:30 pm – 3:30pm CT
WED 1:30pm – 3:00pm CT
THU 12:30pm – 3:00pm CT
Please just email [email protected] with the time, and we will schedule it and send out the Calendar Invite. Thank you!

4) Learn

GSA Focus is here to help you succeed with your GSA Contract – please look through the following resources at your leisure to gain a better understanding of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule program: