Writing Technical Proposals

Many service-based GSA Schedules require three outlined sections be written for the submission. These sections [1. Administrative, 2. Technical Proposal, and 3. Pricing Proposal], are among the most time consuming part of the process, because there are many questions to address, and they are all custom to your company. The most challenging, and important, section to focus time and attention towards is the Technical Proposal.

The GSA Schedule you apply for outlines many sub-categories, called SIN’s. The SIN descriptions govern what services you can include in your submission, and which ones you must exclude. And, while writing up your Technical Proposal, specifically in the Relevant Project Experience section, you must know the SIN descriptions inside-out for those you are submitting for. Nothing can be overlooked. Otherwise the reviewing Contracting Officer will reject your offer outright on the grounds that your services offered do not meet the criteria outlined in the SIN description.

You must provide at least two relevant project experiences for each SIN you are applying for. And there are so many hidden traps in the process, that in my 6 years of working on GSA Contracts, it takes every wit about me to generate a Technical Proposal that I am confident will make it through. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Contracting Officers learning the hidden rules behind drafting a successful Technical Proposal. For example, if invoices and Statements of Work are not submitted to support the claims in the Technical Proposal, then your GSA Contract will most likely be rejected. Also, there may be verbiage in the SIN description that is vague and incoherent, but completely limits your ability to submit under that SIN.

Technical Proposals are very difficult, and i am always impressed when a company completes their GSA Contract to award without the help of a specialist. Most times, I see the GSA as Carl from the first half of the movie “Yes Man,” telling everyone and anyone “NO” whenever any question is asked.

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