What is the "Contractor Teaming Arrangements Tool?"

Now there’s a better way to build a winning team, introducing the GSA’s new Contractor Teaming Arrangements Tool, (CTAT), through the new GSA Interact webpage.  Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) vendors can now facilitate their contractor teaming arrangements and seek out partners much easier.  With the CTAT you can communicate your teaming requirements to a broad audience of MAS vendors, which increases your chances of finding contractors that provide a complementary product or service you need to respond to a complex solicitation.

CTAT provides some major benefits for both contractors and federal buyers:

  1. Contractors can easily team with other contractors on complex solicitations,
  2. Small businesses can gain the resources they need to compete for larger and more complex purchases,
  3. Contractors who need additional team members can find contractors who want to provide teaming solutions,
  4.  Governments customers get a wider range of complete and robust solutions from which to choose.

How to Get Started

You can find CTAT on http://interact.gsa.gov/group/ctat.  Once your membership has been authenticated, you can begin posting and searching for teaming opportunities right from the group homepage.  When you click on “Opportunities” on the CTAT group homepage, it will lead you to all of the teaming opportunities that have been posted to date. Posts can be easily sorted by category, date, etc. Each post offers detailed information and the ability to contact the vendor to learn more.

Under actions in the right hand side, you’ll find “Create CTAT Opportunity.” Using this feature, you can post teaming opportunities with basic contract information and documents as needed. All replies to your post will be sent directly to your email.

Other Helpful Links
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