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Websites: A Federal Marketing Must

It is a huge surprise to find out that many companies hoping to break into the federal market do not tailor their website to federal buyers. In fact, many federal contractors don’t even have a website yet. Here are some reasons to improve, or start, your web presence.

Federal buyers are people just like the rest of us, and despite having access to GSA Elibrary, they still look online for solutions. Even if they are almost certain to use your solution, they will still Google your company to see what the web has to say about you. If you do not have a website, then any Google results about your company will likely be written by someone else, even a competitor.

For companies that already have websites, but do not offer a special government section to their site, you are missing out on a major sales closing mechanism. You have the contracting officers eyes scanning your website, and you have complete control over what they read. Get to work and write some killer sales pitches into your government section. Assure them that your solutions are their only option, and back it up with plenty of information.

Federal buyers will also look for your company website to gather information about your companies products, solutions, warranty, service areas, and much more. If you don’t have this information (or no website) then they may go to the next company on the list.

We are almost to 2011, business has shifted to the internet and you must adapt. The web is your most vital sales tool, so it is worth spending a few bucks to have a website that represents your company well and offers a potential customer all the information they are looking for.

Please contact us at (760) 550-9320 if you feel that your website is not endorsing your GSA Contract as it should. We can offer some advise, and even implement some much needed improvements to your site.

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