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VA Will Boost IT Infrastructure in 2010

“Despite the anticipated belt-tightening under the Obama administration, technology opportunities will emerge in FY2010,” according to Input, a company devoted to federal marketing and government business analysis. Input cited the Department of Veterans Affairs with the most potential for federal spending on IT products and services. It makes a good deal of sense, with the growth in VA claims from returning military personnel. There is no information available about how antiquated the current VA systems are. But, with the expected increase of use, the VA is projected to account for 20% of IT products and serves spending in 2010.

Stimulus and modernization dollars are expected to drive many federal purchases this year as well. The Department of Defense has some big procurement plans  for the Air Force’s Expeditionary Combat Support System in the tune of around $350 million. The Army’s Warfighter Information Network is earmarked at $1 Billion to develop and  install a Mobile, tactical communications system for delivering video, data, imagery, and voice services.

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