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Is a GSA Contract Consultant Worth the Price?


GSA Contract ConsultantMost of my clients use my GSA Consulting services because they don’t have the time to dedicate an employee for 6+ months to learn the process. Many call me after receiving a Letter of Rejection or some other hurdle. But, it is difficult to locate a capable GSA Contract consultant.

There are companies that successfully acquire a GSA Schedule in-house, rather than using a GSA Consultant. However, many regret the resource expense and would recommend spending $5,500 to assure it gets done rather than devote an employee for months (HERE are our prices). The biggest benefit to my consulting services is that you don’t have to learn this complicated process with few resources available to navigate you through it. It can be very confusing and frustrating to a newcomer.

Experience & Efficiency

I don’t know the nature of your business. But unless there is expected down-time coming up, it will be very difficult to budget your time to learn this involved process. About 75% of the document preparation is similar from one GSA Contract to another. So, GSA Consultants know well how to handle the difficulties of a GSA Contract acquisition. This redundancy also allows for automation and project planning strategies that a newcomer just won’t be capable of utilizing.

GSA Consulting & Compliance

Any GSA Contract Consultant worth their salt will advise on GSA compliance. They should make sure you establish solid systems to keep your company compliant with the Price Reductions Clause, Trade Agreement Act, Service Contract Act, Davis Bacon, or any other relevant solicitation or FAR clauses. Also, during GSA pricing negotiations a specialists should shine brightest, assuring at your GSA contract pricing and terms are beneficial to your company.

Our GSA Contract Experience

Everyone must start somewhere, and I was an in-house GSA Contract manager at one time. I am my best testimonial for GSA Consulting services, because I know how much I cost that company. Bringing in an outside GSA expert would have saved a tremendous amount of time and money. But I am grateful for the experience, as it was the first step towards my current path.

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