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GSA is All About Energy Savings

In a recent group of blogposts, the GSA showed their cards in several energy fronts. There were posts on how the GSA’s Energy Initiatives are helping federal buildings meet energy standards, create jobs and boost the economy, and unveiled a new section of the website specifically geared towards government energy usage data.

This is no surprise, the GSA has been talking about almost nothing but energy savings for 3 years now. The Facilities Maintenance Schedule (03FAC) has seen a new section entitled “ENERGY MANAGEMENT, WATER CONSERVATION AND SUPPORT SERVICES” with 11 new SIN’s offering a variety of energy and consumption services to federal buyers in an effort to help agencies meet their energy goals, and meet the requirements of President Obama’s Executive Order on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance (EO 13514).

Additionally, the GSA has awarded a contract to IBM to build an energy measurement system, “IBM will develop an innovative system to monitor, in real-time, building performance nationwide and stream data to a central facility.” (GSA To Increase Energy Efficiency And Reduce Costs In Federal Buildings)

Further information (from the GSA blog):

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