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GSA Federal Marketplace – 2021 Release

GSA Federal Marketplace

GSA Federal Marketplace - Transcript:

00:00 – GSA Federal Marketplace Strategy Summer ‘21 release is now available.
00:06 – It includes updates that improve the buying and selling experience for all our stakeholders customers, vendors, and acquisition professionals.
00:16 – Our FMP Summer 21 release debuts the new GSA Advantage “Boost Strategy” which improves the customer experience by showing more product images in buyers’ search results, so agency buyers feel more confident about their purchases.
00:33 – Advantage users will also see more detailed and standardized product information as we add manufacturer descriptions, pictures, videos and more via the Verified Product Portal, or VPP.
00:47 – The VPP is a key component of GSA’s Catalog Management modernization.
00:53 – In the long term, VPP data standardizes contractor catalogs, so we can be sure products are accurately represented across GSA marketplaces.
01:04 – GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule or MAS Consolidation is proceeding as scheduled.
01:10 – With input provided from industry partners and buyers across government, we consolidated
01:16 – 24 separate schedule contracts down to one!
01:19 – Now, we’re working on completing Phase 3 of that project, when contractors holding multiple contracts are consolidating those to a single contract.
01:29 – The past two years has seen solid improvements in our four cornerstone initiatives:
01:35 – Now it’s time to build on that foundation and expand our focus in four very important areas – Buyer Experience, Supplier Experience, Products Marketplace, and Services Marketplace.
01:48 – Get ready for FMP 2.0 – the next era of the Federal Marketplace Strategy.
01:55 – Over the next few years, GSA will be focusing on the experience of buying and selling in
government, making it easier and more intuitive for all our stakeholders.
02:07 – Read more about the Federal Marketplace Strategy’s updated focus areas and recent improvements at gsa.gov/federalmarketplace

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