Free Pre-Assessment for a GSA Contract

GSA Focus is now offering a free online pre-assessment service. You simply go to our Pre-Assessment webform page, and complete the form. The details you provide will be reviewed by an experienced GSA Contract specialist, and your results will be quickly emailed back to you.

Simply put, a GSA Contract gives your organization access to the largest buying organization on the planet; The Federal Government. The average annual revenue for a GSA Contract holding company (from their federal business) is over $2 million per year. Once your GSA Contract is awarded, and you gain an understanding of the logistics of Federal Contracting, the level of success can be limitless.

Winning Contracts
in the Federal Markets

GSA Resource Pack includes two eBooks, Five Steps to Getting a GSA Contract, and winning in the Federal Market. You’ll also get a free Extended Proposal

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About GSA Focus

We FOCUS on GSA Contract Services! This allows us to offer the best services at an affordable price. We make the GSA Schedule process easy for you!

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