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Federal Spending 2009-2011


Below is a list of all Federal agencies spending for the past 3 reported years (2009-2011). The list is ordered from highest to lowest spending amount in 2011, and any agency with federal spending below $1 million in 2011 was taken off the list.

If you take the time to look through this, you will see some interesting trends:

  • the spike in spending for DoD Independent Agencies in 2010
  • VA spending has increased every year
  • GSA spending went up about $90 million in 2011

Agency Name 2009   2010 2011
Department of Defense  8.5B  12.7B  12.6B
Department of Veteran Affairs  7.4B  7.7B  8.2B
Department of Homeland Security  964.6M  1.4B  1.4B
U. S. Postal Service  1.1B  1.2B  1.4B
Department of Justice  1.1B  1.2B  1.1B
Department of Agriculture  719.3M  771.7M  767M
Department of Health and Human Services  725.8M  765.7M  709.5M
Department of Interior  682.6M  748.9M  703.3M
General Services Administration  524.8M  543.3M  634.5M
Department of Defense – Independent Agencies  5.0B  573.5M  560.4M
Department of State  338.3M  452.6M  504.7M
Department of Transportation  378.4M  401.8M  347.1M
X-MISC. IND. Agencies (All)  286.3M  258.7M  273.4M
Department of Treasury  309.5M  359.5M  272.6M
Department of Commerce  242.1M  281.4M  198.2M
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa)  155.9M  160.3M  148M
Department of Energy  154.3M  147.1M  141.9M
Social Security Administration  119.8M  123.6M  95.3M
Department of Labor  78.9M  87.6M  80.7M
Environmental Protection Agency  81.7M  87.7M  77.7M
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  59.9M  81.5M  76.1M
Agency for International Development  31.7M  45.6M  51.5M
U. S. Courts  50.8M  53.8M  51.2M
Office of Personnel Management  36.3M  43.3M  39.4M
X-Tribal Organizations (All)  31.1M  31.6M  36.9M
Smithsonian Institution  28.7M  30.8M  30.7M
Department of Housing and Urban Development  30.8M  32.1M  27.5M
National Science Foundation  22.2M  22.7M  22.6M
Nuclear Regulatory Commission  20.9M  23.5M  21M
Small Business Administration  23.6M  18.7M  20.1M
National Credit Union Administration  10.2M  12.9M  15.8M
Department of Education  9.3M  11.9M  11.7M
Equal Opportunity Commission  12.8M  13.7M  11M
Executive Office of the President  9.2M  11.8M  10.8M
National Archives Records  9.4M  11.0M  10.6M
Securities Exchange Commission  8.8M  13.3M  10M
Government Accountability Office  5.5M  14.6M  9.5M
U. S. Senate  8.3M  8.7M  8.4M
Library of Congress  7.5M  8.6M  7.5M
Corporation for National Service  7.0M  5.9M  5.2M
Government Printing Office  4.3M  4.9M  4.5M
Overseas Private Investment Corporation  3.1M  3.6M  4.3M
Federal Trade Commission  4.6M  4.7M  3.9M
Federal Communications Commission  6.0M  4.1M  3.5M
Export Import Bank  3.4M  2.8M  2.8M
Farm Credit Administration  2.2M  3.2M  2.8M
International Trade Commission  3.1M  3.1M  2.1M
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service  2.9M  2.3M  1.7M
National Endowment for the Humanities  2.2M  1.9M  1.7M
Consumer Product Safety Commission  1.4M  1.4M  1.3M
Railroad Retirement Board  962.0K  1.2M  1.1M

Data gathered from USAspending.gov

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