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Eliminating Government Waste – is this a Sham?

Recently on the Office of Managemet and Budget (OMB) Blog, Director Peter R. Orszag wrote:

one of the steps we are taking to cut waste in government and boost performance is establishing a Do Not Pay List, a single source through which all agencies can check the status of a potential contractor or individual, so that a barred or ineligible individual or organization is not paid erroneously.

He cited the $100 Billion dollars that the US Government loses from improper payments, the vast majority of which is in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The website was launched as a resource for government buyers and payment processors to check-up on contractors, but since over 95% of the issues with improper payments happen within th HHS, government contractors aren’t really the issue. The real issue, I speculate, is with erroneous entitlement payments and federal programs that seem to be bleeding money.

Federal Contractors may get tighter scrutiny as a result of this site, and it certainly seems that they are getting thrown under the bus. The true issue, when you view the website is in the broken federal programs, not dishonest government contractors.

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