Does Getting a GSA Schedule Contract Compromise a Companies Privacy?

Along the process you will have to provide customer information, financial documents, an org. chart, and much more information that is very personal to a business. I am often asked how secure the documents submitted in a GSA package are kept. Many of my customers cringe at the idea of their tightly-held trade secrets released to the public because they want to get into the federal market. Many businesses have even opted to exclude themselves from a huge potential in federal sales because of the misconcieved notion that their information will be broadcast for all of their competitors to see.

Well, here is the truth. The only information about your company that is publicly released is information relating to your GSA Schedule Contract. Your financials, invoices, customer list, etc. will not be accessible to the public. What will be accessible are your product prices offered to the government, the general terms of your GSA Contract, warranty information, etc. Anything that a federal buyer would look at to make their purchasing decision will be public information. It is noteworthy, at this point, to say that this information is buried so deep in the GSA website that only a very small group of civilians even know where to look.

If you are still worried about your privacy getting stepped on during the GSA Schedule Contract submission process, then I suggest calling us to gain a good understanding of how the process works. (760) 550-9320

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