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GSA Jumpstart – Avoid GSA Contract Cancellation


Avoid GSA Contract CancellationGSA Focus has responded to an important need in the GSA Market – we have developed an affordable package to Jumpstart GSA Sales in order to prevent GSA Contract Cancellation. The GSA is growing teeth in enforcing the $25K annual sales requirement, and some GSA Contractors are getting emails that their contract will be cancelled when their contract comes up for renewal.

Avoid GSA Contract Cancellation

This makes for a scramble to get some quick GSA Sales to avoid GSA Schedule Cancellation, and often times a contractor has been ignoring or neglecting their GSA Contract upkeep for years. Here is a run down of what our GSA Contract Jumpstart Package offers:

  • GSA Contract Compliance Check – to address any compliance issues in the practice of using a GSA Contract
  • GSA Contract Modifications – Making updates to the GSA Contract offerings
  • Federal Marketing Services – Targeting buyers and bid searching / lead qualifying
  • Web Development Services – developing or improving a contractors web presence around the federal buyer

If you would like to learn more about preventing a GSA Contract Cancellation, please CONTACT US > complete the webform > and type “Jumpstart” in the comment section.

Actual Cancellation Letter from the GSA

Below is an actual GSA Contract Cancellation letter:

Dear Mr. XXXX:
Reference is made to your General Services Administration Contract Number GS-07F-XXXXX, effective through July 31, 2013. This letter is to inform you that your GSA contract will not be renewed and will be allowed to expire, effective July 31, 2013, due  to low sales. GSA requires that contractors' GSA sales volume be at least $25,000 by
 the end of the first 24 months, then $25,000 per year thereafter. Your total reported sales on your contract for the past 7 quarters were $0. Therefore, your GSA contract will expire effective July 31, 2013.

GSA Schedule Cancellation is a real threat, and was brought on a few years ago when the GSA was swamped with offers after the economic collapse. Almost all healthy companies were re-focusing on the federal market, and a GSA Contract was a strategic effort. The GSA became so backlogged that review times tripled, and the best solution that the GSA came up with was GSA Contract Cancellation for companies lacking in GSA Sales or with compliance issues.

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