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All About the GSA Facilities Categories Going into FY 2021

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The Facilities categories offer an innovative solution to acquisition within the scope of GSA Schedules that are service-based. Their approach provides different degrees of services across multiple GSA schedules. Here’s everything you need to know about GSA Facilities Categories.

Facilities Categories

General Services Administration introduced commodities and services for government facilities to efficiently meet their objectives. This selection serves as a cost-effective solution for the maintenance, management, and repair of government facilities. The government saves significant time when a plethora of items ranging from paper goods and toiletries, propane and cleaning chemicals, food services, janitorial and sanitation, hospitality services are within arms reach.

Furthermore, the facilities category can assist even after completion of infrastructure for the acquisition of building materials. Professionals at GSA enables the following to be readily available to government facilities when they need them.

  • Power Distribution equipment
  • Warehouse supplies
  • Air and water purification products
  • Building materials
  • Energy-saving building supplies
  • Alternative energy solutions

After availing these products and services, government agencies can also obtain the Ancillary Repair & Alterations SINs for a complete package. This ensures that there will always be available contractors qualified in supporting government buyers. Below are the subcategories of the products and services covered by the facilities categories.

Facilities Maintenance, Management, and Repair

This subcategory involves the services associated with maintenance and management operations like federal real property repairs. It also covers repair procedures for stand-alone facilities, hospitals, military installations, fuel storage facilities, energy systems, etc.

The following is a list of the Base Operations Support (BOS) Services, utilized in a stand-alone capacity or multiple combinations.

  • Electrical services such as High/low voltage systems and maintenance and repair of the exterior electrical distribution system
  • Elevator inspection and maintenance services
  • Preventive maintenance and repair service for Fire alarm system, Fire suppression system
  • Grounds maintenance including snow removal and landscaping
  • Hospital Maintenance
  • Janitorial/custodial services, to include collection and disposal of refuse and collection and disposal of recycling materials
  • Laundry Services
  • Locksmith services
  • Energy management control systems (EMCS) maintenance
  • Renewable energy systems maintenance
  • Support training and consulting services maintenance
  • Mechanical and operations maintenance (Including the repair of building systems like HVAC, boilers, chillers, etc.)
  • Water distribution systems and septic systems operation and maintenance
  • Painting services
  • Pest control services
  • Plumbing operations & maintenance
  • Refrigeration maintenance
  • Water tanks repair
  • Telephone maintenance
  • Trimming of trees

Facilities Services

Facilities Services involve staff operations that contribute to the maintenance of the real property. Real properties are stand-alone facilities, hospitals, military installations, fuel storage facilities, energy systems, etc. They provide government agencies with sufficient support for their establishments and its surrounding properties.

Here are the facilities services covered by this schedule:

Surface Preparation

These services are associated with the preparation of chemical compounds utilized for federal vehicles and pieces of machinery. It is important to note that passenger cars, trucks, and buses are not covered.

Energy Consulting Services

These services are for government agencies to implement Energy Management Planning and Strategies into their operations. This can include Metering, Energy Program Support, Building Commissioning, Energy Audit, Resource Efficiency Management (REM), and Water Conservation Services.

Facilities Support Services

These services aim to support the operations within federal establishments. The scope of services includes elevator maintenance, fire alarm/ suppression, and more.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance services involve soil preparation, planting, and cultivating surface area on the ground.

Facilities Solutions

Facilities Solutions cover all the assistance required to maintain order in facilities management systems. This solution includes repairing surveillance systems, security functions, energy functions, and building comfort systems.
Building comfort systems involves integrating building automation, telecommunications, security, energy and environmental control, HVAC, etc
Here are the facilities solutions they can cover.

Total Solution Support Products for Facilities Management Systems

This solution involves the complete package providing full assistance across facilities management systems. It is important to note that this can be dependent on the Cooperative Purchasing program.

Smart Buildings Systems Integration

This system covers solutions associated with the integration of systems in establishments. Additionally, this can also benefit those who want to incorporate technology using a non-proprietary, open architecture.

Machine and Equipment Maintenance Repair

This solution covers all the necessary maintenance and repair of machinery and their equipment. It includes food machinery, cleaning tools, and containers. Either commercial or industrial entities can utilize machine and Equipment Maintenance Repair.

Facilities Supplies

Facilities Supplies aim to provide essential products for restrooms and cleaning. Here are the Facilities Supplies they can cover.

  • Restroom Products
  • Waste and Recycling Containers and Receptacles (Outdoor and Indoor Use)
  • Doors, Windows, Skylights, Panels, and Shutters
  • Hand Floor Cleaning Equipment
  • Floor Care Cleaning and Equipment
  • Gloves (e.g., electrician’s, examination, household-type, surgeons)

Food Service Equipment

This service provides assistance and efficient solutions to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the food. Here is the Food Service Equipment they can cover.

  • Non-perishable food ingredients and non-perishable provisions and food service support, such as water filtration units, portable water, non-perishable subsistence meals, beverages, portable kitchen units, etc
  • Equipment for food preparations
  • Equipment for sanitation and washing kitchenware
  • Food center concepts
  • Cooking utensils
  • Equipment to sustain refrigeration.


This category covers the relief for roofing and stand-alone structure to maintain the stability of establishments. Additionally, this aims to maximize the support of buildings and structures in emergency and disastrous phenomena.

  • Roofing Products and Services Solutions
    They provide the necessary materials needed for the application of roofs. With this, you can be sure that you can
    obtain a sustainable and energy-efficient installation and site preparation. The products utilized are cost-
    effective yet robust to repair or replace an existing roof.
  • Mobile Homes, Travel Trailers
    They provide pre-engineered buildings and structures for mobile homes and trailers. This category covers leveling
    the trailer, maintenance agreements, and design assistance. It is important to note that exclusions consist of
    construction materials and the procedure itself.
  • Above Ground Storage Tanks/Systems
  • Pre-Engineered and Prefabricated Buildings and Structures for Storage Solutions
  • Temporary and Permanent Structures
  • Lease/Rental of Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings and Structures

GSA Facilities Category of MAS

Facilities Categories are under the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program, the primary procurement vehicle among federal agencies. These agencies also utilize this for facilities maintenance procedures. MAS contracts have no POs attached to the award, but instead, a channel for sales flow. For this reason, this type of arrangement is called an Indefinite Delivery Quantity (IDIQ).

MAS contracts have $918 million in sales in 2018, obtaining 1,439 contractors. The average sales for each contractor are about $638,000.

GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

Contractors who sold facilities services opt for the GSA Schedule to expand their prospects in federal agencies. Before, the GSA facilities category was solely used by vendors to their federal buyers. Accordingly, GSA schedules became the primary source for facility maintenance purchases when they utilized it for the Disaster Recovery program. Federal buyers prefer this because it is cost-effective and works well with their schedule.

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