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Most of you who come here will have questions about the GSA Startup Springboard program. This is actually not the place for you. If you are here, then you are one-step before needing the GSA Startup Springboard program — Getting Past Performance.
Here you will find the GSA’s details regarding Startup Springboard, but below you will learn the step-by-step process to become eligible for the program…and make some good sales along the way 😀.

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  • Federal Branding & Message

    First, you must isolate what specific value you offer Federal Customers and Primes. Then, there are standard channels you can use to reach the right people and begin building your Past Performance.

Building Your Federal/Prime Value Proposition

1. Identify Your Audience:

Understand who the prime contractors are, what they need, and what specific problems they face in government contracting projects where your startup could offer solutions.

2. List Your Capabilities:

Clearly define what services or products your startup provides. Be specific about your unique skills or technologies that differentiate you from competitors.

3. Determine Key Benefits:

For each capability, list out the direct benefits to the prime contractor. How does your service or product make their project easier, cheaper, faster, or more compliant?

4. Research Your Competitors:

Analyze what other subcontractors are offering. Note what makes your offering unique or more appealing.

5. Compile Testimonials or Proofs of Concept:

Gather any testimonials, case studies, or examples of past work that demonstrate your success and reliability.

6. Synthesize Your Message:

Combine the information from the steps above into a succinct statement that clearly articulates who you are, what you offer, why it’s beneficial, and what sets you apart from others.


Example Value Proposition:

“We provide [specific service/product] with [unique feature], allowing prime contractors like you to [solve specific problem] more effectively. With our proven track record in [industry/sector], we ensure reliability and compliance, setting us apart from others in the field.”

Building Your Capability Statement

  1. Purpose of Capability Statements: A marketing asset specifically designed to secure meetings with federal buyers.

  2. Layout and Content: Ensure it is concise, limited to one page (front side only), and divided into a header, body, and footer. Should be visually clear and uncluttered.

    • Header: Includes company logo (linked to website), Title, UEI and cage code, certifications, and primary contract vehicles.

    • Body: Contains an ‘about us’ section (brief company description), core competencies, past performance, and differentiators.

    • Footer: Contact information, less critical details such as NAICS codes.

  3. Visual and Structural Clarity: Use a ‘Z’ format for layout, allowing quick scanning and readability. Use bullet points and avoid dense paragraphs.

  4. Focus on Outcomes: Highlight what the company does, who has paid for these services/products, and why the company stands out (e.g., certifications, past clients, exclusive capabilities).

  5. Integration with Digital Platforms: Include the capability statement on professional platforms like LinkedIn and company websites, ensuring it is always accessible and easily shareable.

  6. Updates and Maintenance: Regularly update to reflect current certifications, contract vehicles, and competencies. Ensure any linked profiles or websites are also current.

  • Win Subcontracts

    The best way to get into the Federal Market is by subcontracting. You can both (1) build your Past Performance, and (2) showcase your quality of service. This video walks you through the precess of locating the right Primes (using the GSA eLibrary system), and how to best reach out to them.

(1) Locate Prime Partners

  1. Open GSA eLibrary MAS Category page
  2. Run browser search of your industry-related keywords to locate scope matches (example: “Graphic Design”)
  3. Click on SIN Code (example: 541430)
  4. Click the “Download Contractors (Excel)” link under the SIN Description. Then click the blue download arrow.
  5. Repeat search & download process for all keywords, or even NACIS Codes.

(2) Select Prime Partners

Now that you have the full list to select key Prime Partners, you will want to cherry-pick the companies that you want to reach out to. You can research their GSA Sales, if you want to focus on Larger and more successful Contractors.

You will want to build an email campaign to reach out to them a least 3 times over a month, and maybe even continue monthly after that.

(3) Prime Outreach

This is where you must be persistent, both emailing and calling, as well as customize the messages to each company. Here are a few example email templates. 

  • Start your GSA Process

    We are ready for a Discovery call once you have completed your first subcontracts. It is typically a good time for this once you have reached $100k in Revenue (from any Customers)

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