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GSA Schedule Consulting: A Helping Hand to Securing a GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule Consulting
It is no easy task to navigate the GSA’s world of laws, regulations, and “government-speak.” You must not only meet specific requirements and ensure that you follow certain rules, but you must also learn a new language filled with acronyms and abbreviations. How are you going to make sense of it all now? Fortunately, GSA Schedule Consulting has the answer.

How Much does GSA Schedule Consulting Cost?

The scope of GSA Schedule consulting varies depending on the consulting firm you hire.

For the assistance, you require, not all GSA Schedule consulting firms provide the same degree of support. Some low-to-mid-priced consulting organizations will provide you with a proposal template and some coaching before sending you on your way.

Thus, when inquiring about the services of a GSA Schedule consulting firm, you should ask about how they manage jobs that are not part of the proposal requirements.

Mid-range GSA Schedule consulting firms normally give competent services, but they will almost certainly leave you with a lot of work. These companies typically provide little to no training in the complex realm of GSA. On the other hand, full-service GSA Schedule consulting firms will take the time to get to know your business and design a successful strategy tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. They will handle as much work as they can for you, including crafting your MAS offer and acting as your Authorized Negotiator throughout the process, so you do not have to deal with GSA alone.

With that in mind, pricing might vary depending on a few aspects, but if you want a full-service agency, a GSA Schedule contract can cost anywhere from \$15,000 to \$24,000. Anything less than $10,000 is generally suspicious and could be a fraud.

Three key elements influence the cost of GSA Schedule consulting:

  • Size of the company;
  • Industry; and
  • Expected Complexity of Your Offer.

If you are a larger company with a wide catalog of products, the proposal process will be more complicated, and it will cost more.

You may require assistance to ensure contract compliance and success if you have received a contract. This option is why, especially if you are new to federal contracting, it is also a good idea to account for post-award maintenance.

Is a GSA Schedule Worth it?

Many companies are attracted to selling to the government because of the numerous GSA perks available to them by getting a GSA Schedule.

Essentially, the GSA assists firms in becoming successful vendors by helping them through the process. The government contracting market can be fiercely competitive, but the rewards are undoubtedly substantial.

GSA Schedules, when properly implemented, can help your company flourish. GSA Schedules are a solution for business owners aiming to increase sales and revenue by driving production and attracting loyal clients. Furthermore, GSA Schedules provide a unique opportunity for smaller firms wishing to expand and prosper to find options that get specifically tailored to them.

Finally, a GSA Schedule is a valuable tool to promote your company’s website and marketing materials. Notifying potential purchasers that your business is on the GSA Schedule might provide you an advantage over non-GSA competitors.

Who is Eligible for GSA Pricing?

In GSA Order ADM 5450.39D, Chapter 6, the Office of Acquisition Policy (OAP) has been assigned the ability to make eligibility determinations for businesses to use GSA sources in line with GSA Order OGP 4800.2I.

As a result, GSA’s OAP must find entities qualified in compliance with the applicable authority and GSA Order OGP 4800.2I. Keep in mind that the GSA source(s) that an entity has access to gets determined by the entity’s kind and underlying authorization.

State and municipal governments have access to GSA supply sources. Under 40 U.S.C. 502(c) (3), a state or local government is defined as any state, municipal, regional, or tribal government, or any instrumentality thereof, including any local educational agency or institution of higher education.

The list of eligible entities indicates eligible entities that the GSA’s OAP has decided. State & Local, Educational, Tribal, and Other are the four tabs that make up this list.

However, keep in mind that:

  • This list of qualifying organizations gets updated regularly.
  • This list does not include all eligible entities.
  • The list identifies the primary entity rather than every component that makes up the primary entity for ease of use and simplicity. For example, instead of naming every office or department that makes up a city’s administration, such as the mayor’s office and accounting department, the list just lists the names of cities.
  • You should view the list with the awareness that it must still meet or comply with any applicable limitations and conditions concerning eligibility and GSA source use even if an entity gets mentioned.
  • You may have added additional text to an entity’s name to distinguish it from other entities with the same or similar names. For example, to indicate the state in which the entity gets located, the name of a local educational agency may have “located in [name of State]” appended to it.


Government contracting is a fantastic opportunity for your business, but it is far from being a simple endeavor. Although you can complete everything on your own to qualify for a GSA Schedule, GSA Schedule Consulting is a preferable alternative because consultants do most of the work for you. They also educate you on the subject to make the best decisions for your business’s growth.

With the right GSA Schedule Consulting firm, you will also be confident that you are in good hands during the entire process. Finally, your MAS offer will get completed correctly the first time. This opportunity will save both time and money. Plus, your business will be working with a company with years of experience. You will have access to a team of qualified advisors who can help you with anything you require and need.

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