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GSA Contract FAQs

There are great benefits to acquiring a GSA Contract, but the process seems to be designed to frustrate. The GSA Schedule FAQs below are organized into different topics to help guide you toward the answers you are looking for.


Getting a GSA Contract

The process to get a GSA Contract is frustrating and confusing. The instructions are buried within a 200-300 page document, and they are not very helpful to a newcomer. Getting a GSA Schedule Contract involves several steps, and usually takes from 4-8 months.

FAQ – Getting a GSA Contract

GSA Offer Preparations

Preparing the GSA Schedule offer requires experience with government contracts. Several documents are generic templates that must be completed with precision. Other documents are specific to your company and your GSA Schedule.

FAQ – GSA Offer Preparations

GSA Contract Submission

After submission, you can expect clarifications and negotiations. These stages require satisfying the GSA Contracting Officer in document and pricing requirements. In this stage, challenges and obstacles will often  surface, making it very advantageous to use an expert GSA Consultant.

FAQ – GSA Contract Submission

Award & Registration

After your GSA Contract is awarded, you are required to register your company in the GSA Advantage system, which will grant you access to E-Buy. These web-based systems revolve around marketing to the federal buyers that use GSA for acquisition.

FAQ – Award & Registration

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