“GSA Focus added us $26.8M in revenue over 4 years” – Ted M., Cask

GSA Maintenance Services

Keep your GSA Offerings Fresh with our flexible GSA Maintenance Services. 

We step in as a FULL-SERVICE SOLUTION to process Modifications, keep your GSA Contract Compliant, or any other service needed around your GSA Contract.

GSA ContractorGSA Maintenance & Compliance Services GSA Focus provides ongoing GSA Contract maintenance services, as well as on an “As Need” basis. Your company must quickly adapt to stay competitive, and our services will keep your products and services competitive in the federal market. Full list of GSA Service Plans and Pricing.

We offer a unique combination of experience with GSA Contracts paired with the use of technology to streamline the procedures. This allows us to offer lightning-fast GSA Contract upkeep services at a very affordable price.

Our GSA maintenance services work in two ways. First, you can simply give us your request, and we make it happen. This is the case in Price changes, product/service additions, etc. The second way our services add value are in ongoing compliance, support and guidance. With GSA Focus on your side, you don’t have to worry about complicated audit problems, record-keeping, IFF reporting, regulatory changes, etc.

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The advantages of enlisting GSA Focus to represent your company are as follows –

GSA Contract Modifications (Mods):

  • Add or delete products/services from your pricelist
  • Add or delete SIN’s from your GSA Schedule
  • Negotiate and process Price Adjustments (higher or lower)
  • GSA Advantage! product, price and picture uploads
  • Add or delete Authorized representatives
  • Letters of Supply and Reseller Agreements

GSA Contract Compliance

  • Subcontracting consulting
  • GSA sales accounting assistance
  • Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) reporting
  • Notifications of regulatory changes
  • Solicitation Refreshes and Amendments
  • GSA text file generation and improvement
  • Competitive analysis (among GSA and Open Market)
  • Proposal process improvement

We assure your GSA contract is updated.

Compliance issues lead to trouble, we help you avoid them.

Our services can plug into your processes where needed.

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We are happy to talk through any questions you have about our GSA Maintenance Services.

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