What is a GSA Schedule?

What is a GSA Schedule Contract?

So what is a GSA Schedule Contract? GSA Schedule Contracts are long-term contracts with the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program, which allow all federal agencies to purchase from you in a streamlined manner. GSA Schedule Contracts assist federal buyers and Contracting Officers buy products and services. With pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties, etc. A GSA Schedule Contract is what makes the complicated federal acquisition process simpler and less dangerous for government buyers. A company with a GSA Contract is viewed as pre-screened and validated, which makes them more trustworthy to buy from. I GSA Schedule Contract is not tied to any actual purchases, it is simply an established contract vehicle, or a “”License to Hunt.””

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List of GSA Schedules

There is a GSA List of 31 different Scehdules , or main product / service categories, and there are another 9 Schedules under the VA/FSS program. Each VA or GSA Schedule has numerous subcategories called Special Item Numbers (SINs). Sometimes this is difficult to identify the appropriate GSA Schedule and SIN, so please call us at (866) 916-6484 if you have questions. We have prepared a full list of GSA Schedules, with many helpful details for each.

Benefits of getting a GSA Schedule

Now that you have an answer to the question “”What is a GSA Schedule Contract?,”” you are likely asking how this will benefit your company. In the eyes of a government buyer, a GSA Contract legitimizes a Contractor as a trusted source. You are not required to get a GSA Contract to do business with the government, however it is the preferred contracting source for many buyers. Every GSA Contract holder has access to online GSA systems, such as GSA Advantage!, GSA E-Buy, GSA Reverse Auctions, and are easily found by buyers seeking out a particular product or service. So, access to these systems is a very large advantage.

Additionally, GSA Contract Holders have completed many parts of a Purchase Order already, which cuts-down the paperwork effort required for a buyer. Many businesses experience rapid growth through a GSA Contract, but it is not easy. You must still work very hard to connect with buyers, and keep competitive.”