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Our GSA Services are Turnkey

With our Turnkey GSA Services we complete the process on your behalf, sparing you from frustration and a steep learning curve needed to successfully prepare and submit a GSA Contract offer. Our GSA Contract Services offer complete preparation and submission of your GSA Offer start-to-finish.

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How Our GSA Services Work

With our GSA Services We make everything as simple as possible! Our GSA Contract Services are overseen personally by the president of GSA Focus. We gain an understanding of your business to isolate which GSA Schedule best fits your company, and how your offered pricing should be structured. We work to understand the goals and expectations you have in getting onto a GSA Schedule. Our GSA Services are designed to make the process as lightweight as possible for our clients.
With our GSA Services We complete everything we possibly can on your behalf! We will email you a short itemized list of the initial documents and actions we will need from you (Financials, Price List, Invoices, etc.), and schedule a time to discuss them in detail. We will then be able to prepare your GSA offer for submission. After a final quality check we will submit your offer using the GSA's E-Offer system.
With our GSA Services We assure your GSA Contract will benefit you in the end! The GSA Contracting Officer (CO) will conduct an in-depth review of the offer documents and if the offer passes, the CO will prepare a clarification letter. This document addresses (1) follow-up questions they have about your company, and (2) additional document needs. Next, Negotiations are conducted through a phone conference call to discuss your offered GSA Discount and the major terms of the contract.
With our GSA Services We complete the project for you completely! Once your GSA Number is issued, you are GSA Certified and can conduct business under that number with federal customers. Your GSA E-Library page will be up and running shortly after. Our final GSA Services will register your company within the GSA systems – GSAAdvantage!, GSA E-Library (edits), GSA E-Buy, GSA Reverse Auctions, etc. These systems revolve around marketing your offerings to federal buyers. Our GSA Contract Services do not end there, however.
With our GSA Services We are a continuous GSA Contract resource! GSA Focus will prepare some copy for a GSA Contract page for your website, we release a Press Release on our Company Blog, prepare your GSA Seal, and email you a “GSA Contract Cheat Sheet” along with educational documents. Our GSA Schedule Services are a long term resource for you. GSA Focus is also available after award for GSA Contract Management, such as additions, deletions, price changes, administrative changes, etc.

You Can Trust Our GSA Services

GSA Focus, Inc. has been delivering on GSA Services since 2006. You will have Josh Ladick, President of GSA Focus, overseeing your GSA Schedule. There is an open line of communication at all times, and we guarantee that you will have a GSA Contract in the end! We focus 100% on one thing: GSA Services, so we are always up on the revisions in documents, compliance, and legislation which effects your contract. For 8 years, we have built our experience and internal procedures to streamline our procedures, while maintaining accuracy. Our Philosophy is to make GSA services turnkey and lightweight for our clients, allowing them to focus on sales and compliance.