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It almost seems like frustration is built into the process to [highlight]Get a GSA Contract[/highlight]. GSA Focus understands that not every Small Business can budget thousands of dollars for Full Service GSA Contract Services. So, we have developed a low-cost option, where we hand over the airtight Procedures and Templates that have taken 8 years to develop, and consult you at important touch-points in the process.




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For only $900, you can have all you need to get a GSA Contract in-house.

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Benefits of GSA Schedule Assistance

Many Contractors decide to go it alone when getting a GSA Contract, and most of them are rejected over-and-over until they give up. With the GSA Assistance Plan, you will have the advantages you need from the very beginning. Avoid the frustration and rejection by utilizing the proven processes that we have built over almost a decade of working with GSA Contracts.[/one_third]


The GSA Assistance Plan Process

  • Download Welcome Package
  • Select GSA Schedule(s)
  • GSA Consulting Call
  • Build GSA Offer
  • GSA Consulting Call
  • Offer Submission
  • Clarifications
  • Negotiations
  • Post Award Registration