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Between 75 and 90% of GSA offers are rejected. In 2015, there has been a rapid increase in GSA Contract submissions, and the GSA has responded by raising the bar on quality. This is why using our GSA Contract Services is of great value to navigate the complicated and sometimes political process of getting your GSA Schedule Contract. By leveraging experienced GSA Schedule Consulting you will spare yourself the frustration and learning curve required to successfully prepare and submit a GSA Contract.

GSA Focus, Inc. is a full-service GSA Schedule Consulting firm. We have been simplifying and expediting the GSA and VA Schedule Contract process for our clients since 2006. Our experienced team and carefully developed methods have yielded results for our clients in the form of quicker review times, competitive advantages, and beneficial negotiated terms and pricing.

We focus 100% on GSA Contract services – from getting your GSA Contract to maintaining it with a modification to add, delete, or increase prices. We are a long-term partner in keeping your GSA Contract competitive and compliant.

Our GSA Consulting Services:

check GSA Schedule Contract Pre-Screening & Market Research

Get a VA/GSA Schedule Contract

Manage Your GSA Schedule Contract

GSA Contract Modifications

GSA Contract Option Renewals (Extensions)

Contractor Assistance Visit Support

GSA Advantage! Pricing Catalog Upload

Government Contract Technical Support

Trustworthy GSA Contract Services

GSA Focus, Inc. has been offering experienced GSA consulting services since 2006, and we boast a success rate of 98.3%. The President of the company will personally oversee your account. There is a clear and open line of communication at all times, and we guarantee that you will have a GSA Contract in the end. We focus 100% on one service: GSA Contract Services, so we are always up on the shifts in documents, compliance, and legislation which effects your contract. For 8 years, we have built our experience and internal procedures to streamline the process, while maintaining accuracy. Our Philosophy is to provide comprehensive GSA preparation and management, allowing you to focus on sales and compliance.

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